Hockey World Cup 2023



  • munna219777munna219777 28514 Points
    Worst Indian Hockey Team in any world cup I could remember 
    And I am watching hockey for a long long time.
    The casual manner in which Harmanpreet Singh took his second penalty was unbelievable. 
    What happened to seniors - manprit mandeep akashdeep.
    Only sreejesh showed some willpower.

    Indian team was pathetic in all 4 matches they played. 
    Wobbly penalty corners by Amit Rohidas 
    They do not have even two players capable of executing drag flick.

    Absence of Hockey india league 

    A closed group type condition where little competition is there for places 

    Absence of must win game situation in FIH Pro League 

    This current coach should leave now after this debacle. Start all over again 

  • ashindiaashindia 9264 Points
    struggling under Pressure ? Playing in-front of home crowd lot of expectations 
  • munna219777munna219777 28514 Points
    Even Wales team showed india how to take a Drag Flickr on Penalty Corner by scoring two out of two .
    India struggled in all 4 games.
    Good goalkeeping by Sreejesh and Pathak saved them from defeat against England. 
    There was no plan B once Harmanpreet Singh (who was made captain) iis in terrible form 

    Most pathetic team display by india team ever in any major tournament 
    Atleast in last 3 decades 
  • RonnyRonny 10472 Points
    Things happen, it's a sport..the only thing I did not like was that Shamsher was a bad choice for penalty shootout. He got 3 chances and never looked like he had a strategy to score.. eventually that led to us loosing
  • munna219777munna219777 28514 Points
    It didn't look like we were playing our best squad. Team selection was not proper.
    Obviously preparation was not good either.
    Who was the second drag flicker once Harmanpreet was in ridiculous form ? Nobody 
  • BadBad 5141 Points
    edited January 2023
    I had highlighted this problem of Harmanpreet Singh way back. He is a limited striker w.r.t.(He should be our number 2 flicker).He hardly scores at elevated angle's). He favourite  angle is the goalkeepers right, low down. Once it is covered, he finds it difficult to score.

    Earlier, I had mentioned in one of my post's that Jugraj Singh is a better penalty corner striker than Harmanpreet even though Harman was getting tonnes of goals. JUGRAJ should be our number 1.

    Not selecting Jugraj was the biggest blunder ( because he is also a very good defender).

    But this Odisha favouritism (Selecting Neelam in place of Jugraj) costed us the tournament. 

    Jugraj should have been an automatic

    Also, i disagree with fhe Spain and England match.I 
    feel that we controlled the match against Spain and were the better team(2-0 win with a penalty miss for us).

    Also, England was an even game.It isn't that Goalkeeper's saved us in the game. Their keeper also made equally important  saves. It was an even game.

    Regarding seniors not performing, Mandeep(underperformed)- definitely  yes.
    Manpreet(is done for me, will play the 2024 Olympics) at the most. On Merit, he doesn't  deserve.
    Akashdeep not performing??(he was perhaps India' s best player of the tournament).He singlehandedly won us the the game against Wales.Also, played well in other matches.

    Players not fit for Olympics(2024) are Lalit, Manpreet and Nilam. Possible replacements are Dilpreet, Raj Kumar Pal and Jugraj(for sure).

    Not much needs to be done.
    PLAYERS ARE AVAILABLE, JUST remove this quota system(favoritism where you pick Nilam over Jugraj ) LOL! rest will be sorted. 

    Also, don't make Harmanpreet the captain(His game was drastically affected) with this added responsibility. 

    Make "Sreejesh" the captain.

    And what's with rotating the keeper's with regards to quarter to quarter in a big Tournament  like Olympics and World Cup. Your best Goalkeeper should play for the whole time. I have not seen any other team use this shitty strategy in a big Tournament. 

  • munna219777munna219777 28514 Points
    Favouritism has always happened in Indian hockey.
    Ashwini kumar and Gill used to support Punjab players and many Bhopal / Bombay players used to be left out of indian team
    Similarly Jyothikumaran used to bring in tamil nadu players. 
    To be honest I was not a huge fan of Dilip Tirkey penalty corner capabilities. Jugraj singh knew how to take penalty corner.
    Current gen amit rohidas and nilam were very ordinary .
    Jugraj Jr was missed.

  • munna219777munna219777 28514 Points
    India will play against Japan for 9th to 12th classification games
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