FIFA World Cup 2026 USA/Canada/Mexico & AFC Asian Cup 2027 Saudi Arabia (Qualifications)

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The time has come for the longest duration sporting tournament in the world which runs upto 3 years will begin. It is the most exciting time of the year when we think of our nation get to play in the prestigious tournament  but hasn't been fruitful. Nevertheless the anticipation for the world cup qualifiers is always keenly followed by Indian football fans where we make our expectations. 

The Indian team has got into top 100 in FIFA rankings after many years. The main excitement is all about the number of teams which is increased from 32 in Qatar to 48 in next edition which  has got a lot of non Indian footballing following fans to think about Indian football as they supported the likes of Argentina, Brazil, France, Portugal etc. 2022 edition did show some surprises from Asian and African teams.

This qualifying rounds will also be a measure our NT's quality if they progress into third round which is the least realistic expectations from the fans. 

For India we have to wait for July 20th rankings and July 27th AFC qualification draw. So come on India. Meanwhile the African draw has been announced.
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    CAF qualifying draw made for FIFA World Cup 26™

    FIFA World Cup 26™ Preliminary Draw - CAF 

    The 54 nations of CAF have learned their qualification route for the next World Cup.

    • The CAF qualifying draw for the FIFA World Cup 26 has now been made

    • Nine group winners will automatically qualify for the finals, one team will enter the FIFA play-off tournament

    • Qualification campaign begins on 13 November 2023

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    By looking at African qualifiers it is very simple and straightforward. Last time we had knockout of 10 teams in which many us feel bad because of M.Salah losing with Egypt to Senegal. So thankfully, all the best teams will get to play unless they blew their chances in group stages.
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    This is way better. Top seeded teams won't have any other strong teams in their group because of nine teams in Pot 1.

    However, they could have had a knockout first and bring it down to 36 teams (like AFC).

    Pot 6 vs Pot 1 (the leg hosted by Pot 6 teams) will be interesting.
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    Isn't the process of AFC WC qualification too complicated this time ? 

    9 groups of 4 teams each. Top two from each group qualify for the next round. So in total 18 teams divided into 3 groups of 6. Top 2 from each of the three groups qualify for the WC. Next Top 3 and Top 4 teams play more matches for the remaining slots. 

    Wasn't there any other simple format available ? 
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    They could have gone for 8 groups with 4 teams (32 in total) with only the group champions going through (like CAF). But that would be quite unfair as there's no margin for erro for top teams. Having more group stages and top 2 qualifying will stabilize the qualification atleast for the top teams. I really love the symmetry this time. No odd numbered groups. So every team will play every matchday.

    Also, the third round will be very competitive (3 groups of 6), that too home and away. That should be a treat to watch. India should get into third round.
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    3rd round is realistic goal 
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    Segregation of teams by pots
    Pot 1: Japan (20), Iran (22), Australia (27), South Korea (28), Saudi Arabia (54), Qatar (59), Iraq (70), United Arab Emirates (72), Oman (73)
    Pot 2: Uzbekistan (74), China (80), Jordan (82), Bahrain (86), Syria (94), Vietnam (95), Palestine (96), Kyrgyzstan (97), India (99)
    Pot 3: Lebanon (100), Tajikistan (110), Thailand (113), North Korea (115), Philippines (135), Malaysia (136), Kuwait (137), Turkmenistan (138), Hong Kong (149)
    Pot 4: Indonesia (150), Chinese Taipei (153), Maldives (155), Yemen (156), Afghanistan (157), Singapore (158), Myanmar (160), Nepal (175), Cambodia (176), Macau (182), Mongolia (183), Bhutan (185), Laos (187), Bangladesh (189), Brunei (190), Timor-leste (192), Pakistan (201), Gaum (203)
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    What time is the AFC’s FIFA World Cup qualifiers draw in IST?

    The draw for the first and second rounds of AFC’s FIFA World Cup qualifiers will take place in AFC House on July 27 in Malaysia from 1.30 PM IST (4 PM MYT) onwards.

    Where to watch AFC’s FIFA World Cup qualifiers draw?

    The draw for AFC’s FIFA World Cup qualifiers cane be streamed live on AFC Asian Cup’s Youtube channel on July 27.

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