who will be top indian scorer?



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    And also Salgaocar centre back Augustine Fernandes has equal number of goals as some of our strikers in the league. Its getting to a really sad situation.

  • Exactly. It is really sad. I mean for guys like Holicharan I can understand as he is young and Jeje I can understand as he has had injuries/not many chances but we should really be doing better.

    Even in the I-League U20 the top scorer was William Lalnunfela with only 7 goals. How is that good?

    This just reminds us that we absolutely need to change our youth development system in India. Look at countries like Japan, South Korea, and Brazil which also are quite the same to India with a small amount of foreigners per team. Many domestic players dominate the scoring in those leagues. Yet in India we see the top scorers be foreigners with 30-15 goals while we have the 1 Indian score around 10 goals. Is this what we want?
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    can anyone explain wat exactly is grassroot???i keep hearing this word quite for a while...is this refering to youth dev.??

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    The age old problem of age-cheating also affects Indian strikers & turn them into 1 season wonders...

    A close look at the Pune FC squad has indicated how & why they are successful.....no surprise given that Ranjan Choudhary was at the helm

    Almost 95% of the PFC squad are over the age of 20 ! most are 22-23, especially the NorthEastern players from Manipur !

    Perfect example was former PFC Academy player , David Lalbiakzara, who spent 2 yrs at PFC academy U-19 , having done the same at Mohun Bagan SAIL academy !!

    If people are expecting these 'kids' to be regulars in the I-League teams in a few years , be prepared for the same disappointments of similarly talented NE young stars like Malsawmfela (Arrows ), Shylo Malsawmtulanga ( Prayag) , Boithang Haokip ( Lajong ) ,etc etc.

    There is a reason tat todays birthday boy Sushil Kumar Singh (Lajong) hasn't reached the heights expected of him after his impressive performances at Mahindra !! he isn't 24 like he is claiming to be , he's probably closer to 30 !! he's past his peak years , yet clubs will spend money on him thinking he'll get better !!  36 Laks for 3 goals .....great value for Indian strikers...

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    @gaffertape well said...and this is also a reason why Indian juniors always do well and then falter at senior level. Raju Gaikwad another product of the age cheating

  • > rudra said:
    > @gaffertape well said...and this is also a reason why Indian juniors always do well and then falter at senior level. Raju Gaikwad another product of the age cheating

    Wait, so he is not 22?
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    There are states in India where everything is bloody shit. From birth to death records. Remember that Delhi rape case, they still cant conclude what is the exact age of that minor. This kind of things are mostly prevalent in North and NE India. Atleast in Goa most of the records are quite streamlined apart from a few cases.

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    I remember age cheating during the AP U-19 probables,the coach was from AP Sports school so he went on to include players from his school who were like 22,23 year old and been representing the state from last 4 years or something.

    The reason for it was simple,he wanted the team to do well so include older guys.As for the reserves of the team if you pay bribe your in.

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    Disapointed to know that Raju might also be part of the overage players :(....
    Are you saying that Fela,Tulunga etc are also overage

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    what is the actual age of raju then???

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