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    the place where our inter college tournaments were held will now be aiff-fifa academy......easily best facility available in navi mumbai and one of the best in whole mumbai for training and all related things......they possess all failities for many games like football, hockey, basketball(fr agnels main sport),etc.....i am sure those who are getting selected is gonna get some best facilities ......good job wifa to rope in this place for the academy and thanks to the dean of agnels who is die hard basketball and football fan....
    these are the pics of the artificial turf which agnel possess(they do possess watering facility to keep the temp of turf down unlike ybk)
    source WIFA(during license course)
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    amazing that a school has such great facilities
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    amazing that a school has such great facilities
    this turf is just 1 or 2 yrs was actually a multipurpose turf used both for football and hockey... their dean wants his team to be good mainly in football, basket ball thats why he gave all facitities they want to be top of mumbai.....ask any basketball player about how is their team in these sport....actually my friend once shared an album of the ground 1-2 years...if i am able to get it i would post it too....
    670px-Fr_Agnel_Sports_Facilities.jpgthis is uploaded image frm wiki

    many of my friends who play for my college team are pissed of the fact that due to this we wont be able to play our inter college tournament in agnels ground..and now these would be held in our college where we get to plain ground(the same clg which has dy patil cricket stadium)
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    Scotee O’donell, a 44 year old Aussie & ex-coach of Cambodia & Singapore, has been appointed Director of Academies in India. He is appointed by FIFA & will oversee all the FIFA-AIFF academies.
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    $200,000 Funds for each of the AIFF-FIFA Academies every year till 2017

    Kuala Lumpur: The AFC Ad-hoc Committee for Indian Professional Football took stock of the Indian game by reviewing the implementation of its objectives on Sunday.

    Meeting at AFC House under the chairmanship of AFC Acting President Zhang Jilong, the committee put the focus on Indian football and the recent improvements brought about in the I-League with AFC’s assistance.

    At the outset, Jilong had words of praise for the members’ active participation in achieving the goals.

    “AFC succeeded in setting up the criteria for Indian League, the selection of Indian League participating clubs and the launch of the league,” he said.

    “AFC will continue to support Indian football because we want India to move forward as a leading member association of the continent.

    “FIFA and AFC are both working together towards development of Indian football. We need all the Asian countries, irrespective of their size or strength, to make progress.”

    The All India Football Federation (AIFF) General Secretary Kushal Das highlighted several activities related to the Indian League.

    “Now three clubs organise their home matches and we hope in the future more clubs will follow the same,” he said.

    “We also have a committee to review and monitor activities of the league. We have also started centralised accreditation system and formulated national club licensing regulations. We will also form Club Licensing Committee and Club Licensing Appeals body soon,” he said.

    FIFA’s Senior Development Manager for Asia, David Borja briefed the members on the progress of ‘Win in India, with India’ project saying artificial turfs in Bangalore and Shillong had been completed and would be handed over by early December.

    He said the artificial turf in Mumbai’s Cooperage ground would be installed by the end of the year and additional funds had been approved for the stadium’s renovation.

    He said some facilities at the AIFF House in New Delhi would also be upgraded.

    Borja also revealed that FIFA would fund regional academies in India up to US$200,000 per year for each of the academies from 2012-2017 and help the AIFF identify potential sponsors at the regional level to support the academies.

    “FIFA will also design the training curriculum for regional and elite academies and will set up guidelines for talent identification. FIFA will also financially support youth and grassroots development programmes,” said Borja.“FIFA will also organise annual courses and refresher courses coaches, referees and instructors.”

    The next meeting of the AFC Ad-hoc Committee for Indian Professional Football, to be held in India next year, will be the last meeting of this committee.

    Source :- AFC
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    some good funds for academy is a positive news and more importantly coz of involvement of fifa aiff may have to show them about the improvement of talents over there and the facilities available......
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    The Regional and the Elite Academies are surely on course. A FIFA Instructor and a Professional Coach who has been in charge of Club and National Teams in Asia, Scott O’Donell joined the All India Football Federation as the Technical Manager for the Regional and Elite Academies which are to be operational by April 2012.
    Scott who has been in charge of the National Team of Cambodia and Singapore Club Geylang United says his job is to oversee the setting up and running of the four Regional Academies in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata.
    “We will be selecting the Technical Staff as well as scouting for players aged U-14 for the inaugural Academy intake. We will be selecting 30-35 players for each Academy where we will provide coaching, schooling, accommodation and all meals over a two year period,” he informed. “It is a very exciting project being undertaken by AIFF in conjunction with FIFA with the long term plan to expand the number of Regional Academies.”“At the end of the two years, we will select the best players from each Academy to form an U16 Elite Academy,” he added
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    Under-14 Football Fest kicks-off in Kalyani

    The Under-14 Football Fest conducted by the AIFF kicked-off at the picturesque Kalyani Stadium Ground in Nadia district of West Bengal on Tuesday, January 31 morning. The Fest, aimed in spotting players for the various AIFF-FIFA Regional Academies and the National Age-Group Teams was inaugurated by Minister for Food Processing and Horticulture, West Bengal, Mr. Ujjwal Biswas.

    Mr. Biswas marked the opening with the traditional lighting of the lamp in presence of Dr. Pradip Kumar Sur, Chairman, Kalyani Municipality, who is also the President of the Organising Committee.

    Scott O'Donnell -- Technical Manager, Regional Academies; Colm Toal – Head Coach, Youth Development Programme and Shubhankar Mukherjee, Director, National Teams, were also present on the occasion. Mr. Gobinda Chandra Naskar, Member of Parliament, Bongaon, was also part of the proceedings.

    The 27 teams represented by 594 kids participating in the Fest which concludes on February 4 were also treated to a Cultural Programme. Besides, Guinness Book record-holder Uttam Das demonstrated his juggling skills on a motorbike, much to the appreciation of the boys.

    The teams have been divided into 7 groups of four-teams each. Each team would be playing three matches of 30-minute duration after which they would again be classified in separate groups – for stronger teams and weaker teams.

    AIFF's spotters for the Fest: Scott O'Donnell, Savio Medeira, Colm Toal, Marcus Pacheco, Aqueel Ansari, Francisco Bruto da Costa, Gautam Ghosh, Tarun Roy and Hilal Rasool Parray.


    Group 1: Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Delhi

    Group 2: Haryana, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat

    Group 3: Uttarakhand, Manipur, Pondicherry, Goa

    Group 4: Maharashtra, Kerala, Chattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh

    Group 5: Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal

    Group 6: Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Tripura, Sikkim (did not turn up)

    Group 7: Orissa, Mizoram, Bihar, Chandigarh
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    So A.P footballers neglected again,extremely disappointing for footballers from A.P who are suffering very badly thanks to people at higher positions who are ruining the game in state.When will AIFF sort out this ??? <!-- s:handgestures-thumbdown: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/handgestures/thumbdown.gif" alt=":handgestures-thumbdown:" title="Thumb Down" /><!-- s:handgestures-thumbdown: --> <!-- s:violence-smack: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/violence/smack.gif" alt=":violence-smack:" title="Smack" /><!-- s:violence-smack: -->
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