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    DSK has started work on 2 practice fields ( 1 artificial & i natural ) the stadium will be ready by November 2013 in time to host the Rovers Cup.

    They are following a US style , purpose built football stadium, i.e 10,000 Capacity with an option to increase to 15-20 if need be in the next 5 years.

    The 2 practice grounds & facilities will be used by the National team for preparations for camps/national team games .

    The elite academy will NOT come up at this location , but talks are in place , with other educational institutions in the South to host the Academy. More on that after they submit their bids at the end of April. 

    Good to know about that. So where are they making fields? Pune or Navi Mumbai?

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    I think we are getting confused with two words 'Construction of stadium' and  'Renovation of stadium'...

    as we can see we got stadiums already in place but just dont have proper facilities to be called world-class...
    so renovating those stadiums say bangalore and delhi (ambedkar stadium is proper football stadium) got stadiums in place which may not be having all facilities but these corporates can invest on stadium and get it for lease of say 15-20 years so that they get assurance to work on it

    i guess this kind of work wont take more than 3 years...

    p.s: leave cooperage out of it as it got some blockages from law 
  • Renovations are much more easier and cheaper than making something new from scratch. However we would need money to do that and a dedicated tenant of the stadium.

  • Pune has Balewadi Stadium. I dont think any use of other football stadium in Pune.
    Now Delhi has 3 stadiums already-  JLN stadium where India team has played Nehru Cup,  Ambedkar stadium and both of them has floodlights. They also have Tau Devi lal at Gurgaon which is at outskirts.

    I want to know that where are these corporates building stadiums?? or are they building some practice ground/gym for academy-training purposes??

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    DSK Stadium will be on DSK campus near Hadapsar.
    The reason it is easier for a "corporate" to build a stadium than renovate ( which would normally be the case ) , is in India the stadiums are owned by state or central Govt. and the bureaucracy involved even to get the seats cleaned is ridiculous.

    Balewadi is pretty inaccessible for a lot of football followers in Pune.

    Some Politicians are planning to follow the likes of DY Patil and build some stadiums in NE too, as they can be used for Rock shows & political rallies. These guys also have ' benami ' holdings of some of the new NE clubs.

    Wait till May 2013, some interesting developments in Indian football, and don't be surprised to hear of another possible JCT, Mahindra situation too this season !!

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    Ohh no. Another club down the drain.Let me take a wild guess. "Dempo SC" considering all the issues going on or could be any Goan club bcoz none is stable at this point of time although all owners are billionaires.

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    I forgot Pailan Arrows. Top contender to be closed down by the end of this season.

  • @gaffertape ;  In your earlier comment, you mentioned Rovers Cup. Surely Rovers Cup cannot be organised in Pune-Its like old school Bombay Football cup. Has to be in Bombay.
    Kool that Pune will have a new stadium at Hadapsar.
    Pune has a functional stadium - balewadi and now they will have two.
    My worry is about Bombay. If Mumbai Tigers qualify, we will see Mumbai FC and Mumbai tigers playing in Pune and it will be a joke.

  • > Domnic said:
    > I forgot Pailan Arrows. Top contender to be closed down by the end of this season.

    It can be Mumbai FC.

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    Salgaocar also used to take children from Loyola and other Margao schools few urs back. Plus they are doing atleast something in youth development. The other three are infact laid back in youth dev.

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