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    Out of total 47 MAs only 11(Japan, Korea Republic, China, Uzbekistan, Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran and UAE) MAs are participating in the ACL 2013

  • @Joyptan ; two more member associations Iraq, Kuwait are participating in the playoffs I think. If every association start playing in ACL, then what will happen to AFC Cup? We need teams for AFC cup also.

  • I do see the concerns here... however again I will stand by my stance of this format being better than the Europe one. However I do agree that this format should be rethought. This has come out since Australia lost a spot. Honestly I feel that the A-League should have 3+1 spots but they only have 1+1. 

    Now I understand the qualifiers thing like in Europe but think of it like this. The AFC Champions League is in a "one-year format". That being 2012 AFC Champions League, 2013 AFC Champions League and not the usual 2012-13 UEFA Champions League standard. Now in order to have more AFC Champions League qualifiers we would need to change to the 2012-13 AFC Champions League because the current AFC format would make it to small. Its so compact already. So I think that idea is out of the window.

    The only way I see this working is based off of the federations desire. For example... does India want to play in the AFC Champions League? If yes then how much because if we did then we would show it by organizing our league better instead of making stupid decisions. Also the clubs desire. If you want to play in the AFC Champions League then prove the season earlier that you care for the AFC Cup and try and actually do well. If you cant then you dont get into the AFC Champions League because the AFC Cup is the 2nd tier and if you cant do remotely well in that then what is the point.

    That is the only way I see it working and still keeping the system organized.
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    I hope they sort out infrastructure woes. This should not repeat again. Dempo knew 6 months ago that they will be playing in AFC cup but they could not find any stadium. In past also Dempo played in Pune because there were no floodlights for 4 years at fatorda Stadium. But Goa football authorities and clubs do not believe in infrastructure. cannot build or maintain any infrastructure in Goa and dont want to play in cities which have proper infrastructure.  This attitude will harm Indian Football. At this stage we are not even fit for AFC cup.

  • DomnicDomnic 2309 Points

    Churchill confirm their participation in AFC Cup. Will play home matches at Pune.

  • shankarshankar 2600 Points

    still i would have liked to see more qualifiers.... with all the 4 spot being reduced to 3+1...

    and all developing leagues be given one play off spot.... what is so tough in that??
    at least in that way other countries cant complain of lack of spot in top continental tournament
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    It is waste to expect anything for AFC they are least bothered about developing nations as they think the gap is too big.Tell atleast one project which AFC were successful in ?

    Potential in Asia is huge but the officials are dumb and selfish.It is always about few top countries.

  • shankarshankar 2600 Points

    Dont you guys think... more countries participating in ACL will just improve the commercial value of the league and will benifit the AFC only

    definitely there is lot of scope of raising the commercial value of the league by giving many spots for various countries than the present way..

    of 47 countries i would like to see at least 20-24 countries at least playing in qualifiers..... may be of those give only one play off spot to 8-10 developing countries but will at least help the countries getting exposure of quality in continent

    you may never know... there could be many galatasaray and basel who could surprise the biggies at ACL
  • ashindiaashindia 9264 Points

    Perfect description of AFC by a member on Bigsoccer

    The AFC have become so much of a joke it isn't even funny anymore. They
    demand teams and leagues to be professional for them to play in the ACL,
    yet their behaviour is totally amateurish. Even Sunday league
    organisers would be dismayed at the AFC's organisation.

    How the AFC can call a competition "Champions League" when only 10
    national champions can take part (11 if you include qualifiers, less
    than 25% of the confederations membership) is a disgrace. All other
    confederations allow ALL their members an opportunity to qualify for
    their respective tournaments. Just for comparison: UEFA - 17 (32%, 53
    including qualifier losers 100%); CONMEBOL - 11 (110%; invited guest
    from Mexico); CAF - 40 (75%; note not all members enter teams); CONCACAF
    - 11 (31%; 18 including qualifier losers 51%; again not all members
    enter teams); OFC - 7 (63%; 11 including qualifier losers 100%). All
    other confederations don't restrict countries from sending teams and if
    the CAF and CONCACAF allow at least half their members to field champion
    teams, the AFC can also.

    I also think it's time that the AFC scrapped the East-West divide. We
    have seen two "West" teams in "East" groups - UAE in 2011 (traveling to
    Japan, China and Korea) and Uzbekistan in 2012 (traveling to Australia,
    Japan and Korea). If these teams can travel to east Asia and not
    complain (likewise for east Asia members) then Saudi Arabian and Iranian
    teams won't have issues traveling to Japan and Australia.

    Qualification for the CL should be based on sporting merits only. Having
    good business practice does not equate to successful teams on the
    field. The AFC is the only confederation in which on-the-field results
    account for 14% of the country "ranking". UEFA and CAF are the only
    other confederations to rank their nations, and this is done using 100%
    on-the-field results (other confederations don't rank their due to their
    low numbers). If money greedy UEFA can allocate CL places based purely
    on sporting merit, the AFC can also.

    Vision Asia has been in operation since 2003 (correct me if I am wrong)
    and has not reached the expectations the AFC wanted. In the two World
    Cups since its release, only 2 teams have progressed from the group
    stages (25% success rate) and none from inter-zonal play-offs (Bahrain
    losing both times to Trinidad & Tobago and New Zealand). AFC
    Challenge Cup teams picked up 1 point out of a possible 18 in the group
    stage of the 2011 AFC Asian Cup (5% success rate). Teams completing in
    the FIFA Confederations Cup have won 1 match out of 6 (16%, where Japan
    beat Greece). The only FIFA tournament where the AFC as enjoyed some
    moderate success is the FIFA World Club Cup, where the ACL champions
    average placing is 3.5; but given in half the tournaments they play the
    AFC "Host" in the quarter finals, their win percentage against non-AFC
    teams is 37.5%, not really good enough in my opinion.

    I feel disappointed with the AFC. There is so much potential there, in
    every corner of the continent, but they are going about it in the
    absolutely wrong manner. Having divisions within the confederation,
    without constant movement between them has not had the desired effect.
    The Division 3 teams play Division 3 teams, with zero chance of matchups
    against higher ranked Division 2 nations. The only times they do play
    against stronger opposition is in the AFC Asian Cup and FIFA World Cup
    Qualification matches, which have been Division 1 teams where they have
    had very little success. And at the top, nations constantly play against
    the same nations, especially in the ACL, which is starting to make
    these competitions... stale... if you want a better word.

    I'll stop here... I've had my rant!

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