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    Young Boys handed one-year suspension

    An intervention from Mumbai District Football Association (MDFA) president Aaditya Thackeray resulted in the ban on Super Division team, Young Boys, being reduced from three years to one year.

    TOI had reported that the team and their supporters had beaten up their opponents, Salsette FC, after their match at the Mumbai Football Arena on April 10. There was a huge uproar as the blatant assault was captured on video and circulated on social media.

    The MDFA disciplinary committee immediately held a meeting and according to sources, recommended that the team be banned for three years and fined Rs 2 lakh.

    The team members however met with Thackeray soon after and requested leniency. Thackeray relented and asked the ban on the team to be reduced to just one year, however the fine was increased to Rs 5 lakh. The MDFA also meted out individual 3-year bans to 11 players for getting involved in the altercation and a 5-year ban to their goalkeeper Sarfaraz Ansari for instigating the fight. The 11 players were fined Rs 10,000 each while Sarfaraz will have to pay Rs 25,000.

    Players from Salsette FC were left badly bruised after the incident, with one player Siddhant Shetty, having boot marks just below his eye. At one point during the fight, 10 players had pinned Shetty to the ground and attacked him.

    MDFA secretary U Banerjee opined that the decision was fair. “I know the disciplinary committee asked for the team to be banned for three years, but even a one-year ban means that they will have to play in the 1st Division after a year. So that’s like a ban in itself,” he said.

    A managing member of one the Super Divisions clubs told TOI on the condition of anonymity that the reduced ban sets a wrong precedent. “Teams will think it's alright to hit their opponents after the match. A 3-year ban for the club would’ve set a right precedent and deterred other clubs of behaving the way they (Young Boys) did.”

    Despite repeated attempts Thackeray was unreachable for comment.
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    Good job by Mr Aditya Thackeray in reducing punishment. 3 years ban is too much. Even 1 year is harsh.
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