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  • America has a 6-tier system...

    1) Major League Soccer.
    2) North American Soccer League.
    3) USL Pro.
    4) USL PDL.
    5) United Adult Soccer Leagues - Northern Premier League Soccer.
    6) Amateur state leagues.

    We dont do promotion/relegation. We do expansion which is a system I like more than pro/rel. Expansion is the reason MLS is successful. If we had pro/rel then my New York Red Bulls would have been relegated (a team that gathered an average attendance of 16,000 that season) in 2009 and the Puerto Rico Islanders would have been promoted and they average only around 8,000 a game. It would have killed MLS. Expansion here has also seen huge changes for the expanding clubs.

    Seattle Sounders had a crowd of 3,000 in 2008 which was when they played in the 2nd Division of US Soccer. Then all of a sudden, the next season they get expanded into MLS and they boom up to 30,000 a game. Pro/rel would not do that.

    And that is why I suggest it for India. It has worked so far. And honestly we dont have the sporting culture for pro/rel. For example... look at Mumbai FC... they get relegated then they are done. They fold shop. USFC, done. Pune FC... done. East Bengal or Mohun Bagan... what if they get relegated? 

    Notice also... Shillong Lajong (a team that gets 25,000 a game) got relegated in 2009 and who got promoted... ONGC and HAL. How did that work out for us?
  • > munna21977 said:
    > As per my knowledge, there is no concept of 2nd Tier or 3rd Tier in MLS. There is no promotion or relegation. Also cities like Atlanta, Miami ans even hispanic dominated places like New Mexico have no clubs/franchisee. All teams are owned by league and fans have little say. I wonder if MLS management can see the pressure exerted by say fans of Blackburn Rovers or even Mohun Bagan.:P
    But kudos to them, they have developed good stadiums-I have been to their Pizza Hut Stadium for FC Dallas. I wish we could see such grounds in india.

    By contrast Mexico has a quite robust 4 -tier league system.

    BTW if you look at the lower tiers of American soccer you will see that places like Atlanta and Florida have professional teams.

  • Eastern Conference Final (MLS Play-off Semi-Finals): Houston Dynamo vs. DC United:

  • RonnyRonny 10472 Points

    Awesome video..quality and level of MLS seems better than A league

  • > Ronny said:
    > Awesome video..quality and level of MLS seems better than A league

    It is better than A-League. In fact I would say that it is better than the K-League and the same level as J.League. MLS and J.League are the equal to the Football League Championship (2nd Division of England).
  • MLS Cup ...
    LA Galaxy vs Houston Dynamo
    4:30 pm EST

    Beckham's last game with LA Galaxy after six years in MLS !!

  • So the MLS season is in off-season but now it is time for the youth to shine. The MLS SuperDraft allows the MLS teams to draft the best college talent in the country and some abroad talent as well. Many college kids are aged between 19-22 in the MLS Draft. Before the draft however you need to impress coaches and so MLS (with Adidas as sponsors) start a draft camp in which the best college players square off.

    Here are the highlights of my favorite game yet. Makes me proud of how far in development MLS and US Soccer has gone:

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