Chelsea 12-13 Season



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    17′ GOAL! Chelsea 3 (Mata) Wolves 0

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    32' Chelsea FC 3 vs 0 Wolves4′ Gary Cahill 8′ Ryan Bertrand 17′ Juan Mata

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    HALF-TIME! Chelsea strolling to victory at Stamford Bridge - they have a 3-0 lead and are 45 minutes away from the fourth round of Carling Cup.


    I actually do support Wolverhampton, just saying.
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    John Terry found guilty by the FA of racially abusing QPR defender Anton Ferdinand and given a four-match ban as well as a £220000 fine.

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    kshitij USFC
    John Terry found guilty by the FA of racially abusing QPR defender Anton Ferdinand and given a four-match ban as well as a £220000 fine.

    Fu**ing sh*t

    Reward for his retierment.

  • He shd have played for manu and gone Scot free...only manu can fool around n get away.wit it... to bad for terry

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    If he was playing for man u then this ban whould have been for anton.

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    A smal part of the articl by GILES SMITHS

    "Many of us, I'm sure, are still struggling to feel entirely at ease with the term 'Capital One Cup'. It's probably just the inevitable lack of familiarity in these early days of the new sponsorship, but, even now thatthe competition is well and truly underway and Chelsea are properly involved, I'm not finding that the re-branded title trips easily off the tongue in conversation - not in the way that 'the Carling' did, nor for that matter 'the Worthington', back in the day. Or 'the Worthless', as we grew to know and love it.

    When we considered this problem a couple of weeks ago in this space, we fondly imagined referring eventually to 'the Capital', but I, for one, am not feeling it happen just yet and I'm wondering whether what's actually going to be needed, before we all feel properly comfortable, is something a little warmer.

    When the League Cup was sponsoredby Coca-Cola, one recalls, a lot of people took to referring to it familiarly as 'the Fizzy', which had a real, easy-to-use ring to it. Capital One are, to the best of my knowledge, in the credit card game, so maybe - as in the Coca-Cola years -we need to come at this one slightly laterally and christen it 'the Plastic'.

    The only real test, of course, is to try it out in a few prototype sentences and see how it feels.

    'Who have you got in the Plastic?'

    'Surely Arsene Wenger, of all people, can't afford to take the Plastic lightly.'

    'Realistically, a decent run in the Plastic is the best that Brendan Rodgers and his side can hope for this season.'

    'Not to worry - it's only the Plastic.'

    I don't know about you, but it worksfor me - certainly until a better suggestion comes along."

    full articl's-thursday-thoughts

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