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    The defending champions has been one of most proactive franchise this season. They have suitably retained some great talent and resigned some key foreigners. However, there have been some confusing introductions to say in modest terms. Lets have a look and rate the squad so far. The rating is based on quality of signing with respect to amount paid and quality added to roaster.

    1) Juan Calatayud (GK): A former La-liga player seems to be very good signing on paper. On a careful look, it shows that he was best a bench keeper at La-liga. He most consistent performance was in Segunda division for Hercules CF. In terms to the standard of Indian football, it seems to a great addition to the league and a great upgrade to last year keeper set of Apoula Edel and Subhasish Row-chowdhury. A sure shot starter for the team and can be a great mentor for young Indian keeper duo for K. Bhutia and Amrinder Singh. (9/10)

    2) Amrinder Singh (GK): A great back-up keeper who qualifies both as Development player and regular seasons of top flight football with Pune FC. An asute buy by the Kolkatians. A bench player for this season at best but can play a critical role in case of injury to Juan. (8/10)

    3) Kunzang Bhutia (GK): Another asute buy by ATK. Don't expect him to be on bench but it will a great opportunity for him to learn from a great player. His availability as development player might have played a key role during draft pick, but he will always be behind Amrinder in the pecking order. (6.5/10)

    4) Rino Anto (RB): An Indian International with a formidable top-flight season with BFC followed by a forgettable debut at International label. A tactical buy in my opinion but slightly over-priced. Nevertheless one expects him to be a sure shot starter if available. (8/10)

    5) Denzil Franco (RB): A curious case of Franco where lead-up to ISL-season1 was all in his favour even at International level. One of Indian sparks at ISL-season1. However, its been a downhill for this player after the injury at the end of ISL-season1. A lack of football for last may months can play a critical role in attaining his peak once again. Currently, his selection will all depend upon his quick recovery from injury and availability of Rino Anto (international commitments). Expect a great contest at later end of season2 between him and Rino for RB position. (7.5/10)

    6)  Arnab Mandal (CB): Arnab was another good retainment. An key Indian International who lead the national team recently. His key role in first season and current form commands a starting position in ATK lineup. However, his availability during International commitments can be a issue for ATK and will be interesting to see how the team copes up with his unavailability. (9/10)
    7)  Augustin Fernandes (CB): An ok addition in draft. Though a regular at I-league, but can't see him going ahead of Arnab or Josemi. A tactical addition in my opinion during the unavailability of Arnab during international commitments. But, then again he could also be selected for National team. Nevertheless a good addition and competition for Arnab at reasonable price. (7.5/10)

    8) Josemi (CB): A sure shot starter based on the performance of the last year. A good resigning in my opinion who can play a critical role this season. Only roadblock being the issue with fitness due to his age and non-attachment with any football after last season. (8.5/10)

    9) Lalchhawnkima (CB): A bench player for ATK at best with top-flight football experience. Will always behind Arnab or Augustin in my opinion. Can get some play time for ATK during Indian team World Cup qualifiers. ATK could have done with either him or Augustin in my opinion and should have gone for a good Indian Winger or Forward. Maybe Habbas didn't have complete confidence in Indian defenders and wants to try out few options before selecting his best team. (7/10)

    10) Tiri(LB): A 23year old left-back Athletico Madrid youngster, who has been regular in Madrid B team. Can also play as Center Back. A good signing in opinion. His availability for multiple position might provide him some game-time. Don't expect him to be starter due to maximum foreigner rule. Yet I do see him competing with Josemi for a playing time. (8.5/10)
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    11) Nallappan Mohanraj(LB): A make or break season for him. I am perplexed with ATK regarding his retention. No way near to the quality of other good Indian left-back. Can't compare with Tiri yet. But, would have reasonable more gametime than Nabi (injury prone and ageing player) or Tiri (due foreign player restriction in playing 11). (6/10)

    12) Syed Rahim Nabi (LB): One the serious mistake by ATK this season. Clearly one can see the hand of Baichung Bhutia behind his signing. A versatile player during hey days. A shadow of a great Indian player for last couple of season. This would be a last good pay-cheque for him in my opinion. It will be interesting to see what he brings to the team. (4/10)

    13) Borja (DM): A key player in season1 and one could see him retaining the position. He being La-liga regular, one can't expect a team without him. He alongwith Nato will again form the renounced defensive sheild for ATK this season.(9.5/10)

    14) Ofentse Nato (DM): Another sure shot starter for ATK based on performance and tactics of Habbas last season. (9.5/10)

    15) Sameehg Doutie (RW): Even with Baljit's effort, right wing was a weak position for ATK last season. Habbas is quick to add a good player in the ranks in form of Doutie. A regular top-flight player in South Africa. Predominantly a right winger but can play in Central Midfield or inverted Left winger. He will add a much needed speed to the otherwise slow ATK team as seen in last season. May or may not be a sure shot starter but he will play a critical role for ATK this season. (8.5/10)

    16) Jamie Gavilan (LW): A thoughtful addition to the team. May or may not be a starter but would be bench for sure. A former La Liga regular uptil recently . A bag of experience can help ATK a lot this season. Need to see him and Valdo playing to decide who should be selected ahead of another. (8/10)

    17) Valdo (LW): Another experienced mid-fielder in the team with bag of La-liga experience. His age might be a bit of negative impact but his experience would be of great help to Indian players. But purely based on age I will put him behind Gavilan in pecking order. (7.5/10)

    18) Arata Izumi (AM): A foolish decision to buy him by ATK at that exorbitant price. He is clearly on the demise. This might be the last big fat pay-cheque for him. But, his selection by Habbas have surprised many. A former Indian International and regular I-league player for Pune FC, Arata can play in attacking or central midfield, which clearly seems a weak point for ATK.  (6/10)

    19) Jewel Raja (CM/AM): Another former Indian International. Nothing notable in recent past, a pretty ordinary player in recent times. Out of all the signings under the guidance of Baichung, this seems to the reasonable one. But even then, he doesn't seem to be upto the mark with respect to other Indians selected by Habbas. It will be interesting to see whom Habbas picks Jewel or Izumi in starting 11. (7/10)

    20) Cliford Miranda (LW): Cliford is one of the few players I used to admire. One of the key player in National team in recent past with a very good set pieces capability. Due to number of limited number of foreign players in playing 11, he might get some game-time or be a starter. But, quality wise he is at a best bench player in the squad full of Spanish wingers. (6/10)

    21) Baljit Sahini (RW/FW): A reasonable player retained by ATK. Many were not surprised with him being retained in the team. His ability to create havoc on the right flank with his speed was in front of all to see. However, he needs to improve his positioning and finishing to be more effective. His non-involvement with EB this season can be considered as negative. In all a good player. (7.5/10)

    22) Iain Hume(FW): A very good improvement from Fikru this season. May not be a good goal-scorer, but his movement was always been a concern for opponent. A thoughtful addition to the team. (8/10)

    23) Nadong Bhutia(RW): One of most ridiculous signing by ATK. A clear cut Baichung signing that will do more harm than good. He will be well below other Indian players in pecking and will be surprised to see him having any considerable gametime. (3/10)

    24) Suhsil Kumar Singh (FW): Lord. No comments. (1/10) 

    View: ATK should have gone for likes of Vineeth or Brandon, instead of Izumi in draft while saving money in the process.

    Strength: Central Midfield and Goal Keeping

    Weakness: Left back. Another weak position being attacking midfield which was held by Garcia last season.
    Expect a marquee signing for this or forward position from ATK.

    Expected Lineup

    Bench: Amrinder, Tiri, Franco, Nabi/Bhutia, Valdo, Izumi/Raja, Doutie

    Overall Squad Rating: 8.5/10. A considerable balanced team in my view with good bench strength. ATK will be a force to reckon this season.
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    BRAVO! WELL DONE! I really love the detail you put into this reddevil and honestly this changed my opinion on Atletico de Kolkata from being a team I expected to maybe hover around mid-table to expected finals contenders.

    They still have a spot left for a foreigner I believe and a spot for marquee so lets see what they do.
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    @reddevil87 please make reviews for all the teams please.
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    Please make for Chennaiyin FC
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    Nice Analysis..Well Done!!

    Only complain is that a LORD should definitely be 10/10 for sure
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    This review is the difference between IFN member and a TOI Journalist.
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    I think @reddevil87  you might consider writing official articles at least for IFN.
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    Thanks for encouragement. Definately would love to try writing few more but the time. Anyways will try for other teams. With incomplete rosters it is really difficult. Will try for the team which have considerable number of players.
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