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    Agency which offered Contract and Trial to kaleem , also was looking for some Indian players but no Indian want to go out for less money 
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    Only SAFF tournament 2015  will says where we stand among other neighbors , Did Pakistan and Bangladesh really  improved with  foreign players ,  Is India still a threat to them for the region supremacy , all will be answered in the end of the year.
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    Bangladesh has not improved..dont go by their FIFA easily beaten by Kyrgyz at home...we are still good enough to beat point over emphasizing how much some SAFF nations have improved..we will see that once they play India
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    on a good note..Bangladesh to host next SAFF U-16 from 7th August..first glimpse of our WC team and Nicolai Adam??
    Sanjeev Biswas
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    Stop being delusional mate. India 4th? You're having a laugh. There is a reason I posted the names of players abroad and that is to show that ya, other SAFF nations also have SAFF-born players abroad but they are nowhere notable... even Kallemullah is in a league about on par with I-League, if not a bit worse. And the fad a couple years ago which was bringing in naturalized guys or SAFF-born guys who were raised abroad (Afghanistan) is not as big as before.

    India never really fell back. We've stalled, had a tough time with a coach who wanted to implement things but could not deliver that and now we are under a coach who has a bit more understanding of the team but due to the hectic schedule put on us and perhaps the long-ass travel from India to Guam (mixed with their I-League standard guys) are not able to see the best of this team.

    If we get the team right and the preparation right for the next cup then we will win. Then people will just talk about how it was just because India were hosts.

    It was only in 2013 that India still made the final of the SAFF Cup with a team that everyone would agree looked worse than the squad of 2011.
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    I don't just go by wikipedia as well. You've known me since 2011, you know that I also watch these games. Come on. I also watched the Bhutan matches and don't tell me they are better than India now, cause at that point you need medical help.
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    By the way AIFF planning to sending U23 team in SAFF Cup . players demanding rest 
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    India will beat Bangla and Afghans though marginally..dont  go by their glorious results..also who the hell said Bangla is rabked 116???...they are 169
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    Bhutan in the first half against China were bad then as well. China were unlucky on a few occasions to not go into half-time with a 3-0 lead and they were obviously just playing around with Bhutan, trying to see how many small passes they can do to get around one player. Bhutan barely did anything when on the ball. They had guys who were not afraid to take the ball and run but other than that they looked out of their depth against the Chinese.
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    News Item:

    Bangladesh Football Fed backtracks on giving citizenship to three African players (Guinea, Nigeria and Ghana) at the last moment. This issue was being hotly debated in Bangladesh. Earlier, the President of BFF was for naturalized foreign players in the football team. But within 24 hours, BFF had a U-turn.
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