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    Today Result Match 3 - FT Baniyas FC 0-8 India U15

    Goal Scorers - Aman Chhetri(4) , Sanjeev,Suresh Singh,Jyosana Singh,Sarif

    Match 1 - India U15 11-0 Al Hamriyah
    Match 2 - Spanish Soccer Academy 1-5 India U15

    Overall Goal Chart :-
    7 Goals-Aman
    3 Goals -  Rahim Ali 
    2 Goals - Amarjeet , Sourabh, Aniket,suresh Singh
    1- Abhijit , Boris , komal , Sanjeev ,Jyosana Singh,Sarif

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    Ah, Baniyas play in the UAE Top Division... any idea on their U15 side?
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    Rahim Ali, Abhijit and Jyosana Singh are from the newly scouted boys I think. All other goal scorers played for the team before. I see Aman Chetri has found his shooting boots finally.

    @7Negi - Any chance you can include the results of the team from their tour of Germany (14 games I think), Iran (AFC quali) and Spain (6 games I think). Suresh and Amarjeet scored plenty even though they are central midfielders during these tours.

    It would also be helpful to include the name of all the boys in the current squad.
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    @TheRealAG aaahhhhh i want to ... but it will need lots of research and its very tough to get all goal scorer for germany tour .. will do it for AFC U16 Qualifiers 
  • @7Negi - isn't all that information on your FB page?
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    yeah but very tough to dig 1000 post to find the info 
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    Match 4 -  FT  Ajman Club U17 4-9 India U15

    Goal Scorers - Aniket (5), Aman, Amarjit Singh(2),Joysana Singh

    Match 1 - India U15 11-0 Al Hamriyah
    Match 2 - Spanish Soccer Academy 1-5 India U15
    Match 3 -  Baniyas FC 0-8 India U15

    Overall Goal Chart :-
    8 Goals - Aman
    7 Goals-Aniket
    4 Goals - Amarjit
    3 Goals -  Rahim Ali 
    2 Goals -   Sourabh,suresh Singh,jyosana Singh
    1- Abhijit , Boris , komal , Sanjeev ,Sarif
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    Nice , when are we playing against uae u-17 ?
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    Goals scored in the matches: 11, 6, 8, 13. What's happening? Is this normal thing at this level?
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    conceding 4 goals doesnt sound too good even if the opposition was U-17..however we dont know the quality of opp..some one said it is one of UAE's best youth teams?
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