South Asian Games 2016 Football



  • we will lose this..what a pathetic display!!
  • namewtheldnamewtheld Kolkata5596 Points
    Borges' center of gravity lies outside his body. He has to constantly shake to keep his balance. Inherently disbalanced player
  • I hate saying this but Nepal were better than us and deserve to win.
  • footydipfootydip Ranaghat, Nadia, West Bengal2722 Points
    Dhuurrr !!! Nepali players should join Bollywood. Fuckers
  • nikhilnikhil blru548 Points
    If aiff got any self respect should sack mofo lee jhonson for this embarrassment. 
  • namewtheldnamewtheld Kolkata5596 Points
    Of all the coaches I have seen, Lee Johnson has the most clueless face during his team's match. Also if you observe his subs, seems he doesn't apply his brainless mind, rather is pre-programmed by his godfather Stephen Constantine.
  • whether we lost to nepal but udanta singh showed how sensational he is when it to comes to score goal or in making chances to score goal and sumit passi showed kutte ki dum kabhi seedhi ni hoti.
  • BadBad 5095 Points
    Passi is the biggest Chutiya person I hv ever seen.Sorry for my language but I can't hold back.
    Rowlin(u know what I mean) and Passi cost us the Gold.
    Nothing really to ride about from the tournament. 
    No 6 and No 7 midfielders look weak,they were getting outmuscled.
    Only ready made player for the national team is Udanta.He is ready for the next level.Udanta and Uttam shd be groomed rather than the the likes of Narzary and Jeje.
    The main qualities of Udanta according to me were:-
    1)He was consistent (rare and perhaps the biggest quality at this age).
    He needs to build on more muscle which I feel will come over time.
    Defence is useless in my opinion.
    Priitam Kotal,Narayan Das ideally shd not play for a country like India.
    Sandesh is generally okay but cost us the goal.He is the best defender we have got.
    Passi shd stop calling himself a foot baller,I hv never seen such a bad player playing even in the I-League.

  • BadBad 5095 Points
    Whenever I feel something positive our football team ,somehow our football team brings me back to earth.Seriously at least our U-23 teams shd be beating Saff teams to prove our dominance and specially in India.
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