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  • samiamsamiam 1614 Points
    Looks like Afg did not want to embarrass  us
  • To be fair to Johnson, he wouldnt have played Passi if we had JEJE released by MB. There is going to be a lot of finger pointing for sure.
    Losing to Bangladesh, Maldives or Lanka is acceptable but not Nepal or Afghanistan. This hurts a lot :(
  • munna219777munna219777 28432 Points
    India has a poor record at SAF games in Football. Last time India won Gold Medal in SAF games was in 1995 Madras games. Syed Sabir Pasha scored in 1-0 win over Bangladesh. So already 21 years in waiting.
    In 2004, pakistan defeated us in Finals where it was a talented team of Sunil chhetri, Mama, Jerry Zirasanga, Gouramangi Singh, Debbrata Roy.
    Lets hope next time we send a stronger squad.
  • kartik91kartik91 Delhi1134 Points
    Aiff needs to take action against clubs for not releasing players. Winning and losing is part of the game but losing without our strongest team is sad . 
    Sumit passi needs to go. Holi also impressed in bits. He has the potential to improve imo ,would be great if he does improve but Udanta was very good! What is his history btw( before going abroad for trials) ?
  • karanshkaransh 542 Points
    Bangladesh fans are dissapointed that the damsel in distress miss Sumit Passi didnt play against their team.
  • BrainFallINDIABrainFallINDIA India7052 Points
    edited February 2016
    Yes , passi is shit but no point in blaming him alone for this disastrous performance
    We failed as a team 
    Lee johnson in particular deserves some praise for f'ing it up 
  • karanshkaransh 542 Points
    Oh wait the feminists are coming for me.
  • karanshkaransh 542 Points
    Seriously speaking Nepal deserved to win the match they were the better side for most of the second half. It will be foolishness to term this as a bad day in office. Their defensive strategy was far more superior to ours. It was a goalmouth action at both ends but the Nepal defence knew their role while the Indians were complacent after the one goal advantage, Nepal came back all guns blazing. The easiest chance of the day an open goal header was missed by Rowlin who was earlier fortunate not to be booked for his reckless push on a Nepal player. Other than better strategy and the beautiful freekick the difference between the winning team and our talented side was the never say die attitude of Nepal.
  • Constantine and Lee johnson's obsession with this newly acquired GPS system is hurting Indian football.....selecting players on the basis of GPS scores rather than footballing acumen , selection of Bikash Jairu over Mandar Rao (who imo is the best winger that india currently has) is a prime example , Sumit passi over Jayesh and many more , if GPS data was sole criteria for player selection Jamaica , Ethopia , Kenya would have occupied top spots in football.
  • usaindiausaindia 1671 Points
    common  i like the GPS system
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