2017 AFC CUP and ACL

In 2017 AFC qualifying round 1
Tertons club  from bhutan qualified to second round of playoff



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    Next year's AFC cup going to be very competitive ,instead of more playoffs there should be more group stages especially in ACL so that we get more matches instead of 3 play offs
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    It was going to happen... AFC love copying Europe.
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    anyone translate it
  • NagendraNagendra Rajahmundry, A.P6567 Points
    ;goalkeepar ... I have used translator...

      Reporter : AFC places ice coverage in addition to changes in the next two years which will have the AFC competition system reform? The answer is in fact already become clear in the last year, the AFC announced early reform program involving military buildup Asian Cup, AFC increase in cash and enhance biphenylene cup position. AFC bonus increase first implementation year, the AFC champion will get $ 5 million bonus, $ 3.0 million for the runner-up, but also a significant increase in the knockout teams get bonuses. Asian Cup military buildup and increase the prize money will be formally introduced at the 2019 Asian Cup in the United Arab Emirates, from 16 teams to 24, championship prize money will reach $ 10 million and $ 6 million respectively.

      Of course, fans are more concerned about is the AFC Cup and biphenylene. In terms of the AFC, the AFC will invite more Football League team belongs to participate. This year the AFC East and West Asia Football Federation already have 12 entries, but there are six West Football Association championship team failed AFC club qualification, it is eligible to Indonesia in East Asia due to the loss of suspended FIFA fully participate in AFC . But next year, the AFC East and West Asia will work towards the 24 associations are to participate in AFC team, which also means that qualifying is still three, and in order to give more training opportunities Football Association team, AFC technology Association points ranking, there will be more teams to qualify. Previously, a voice inside the AFC requires technical points of the top four qualify for the Football Association have implemented a 2 + 2, but has not been recognized by the AFC.

    Since participating teams surge backward and East Asia Football Federation Team strength is limited, in fact, Japan and South Korea and Australia for four major league teams, the possibility to participate in qualifying to be eliminated very low. Moreover, even qualifying from the group stage and eliminated, can participate in the new biphenylene Cup, the team can fight for another intercontinental awards. AFC had been identified at the end of last year, 2017, all in the group stage of the AFC Champions League qualifying phase and be eliminated teams will participate biphenylene Cup tournament. This model is completely copied European competition, qualifying losing team can participate biphenylene Cup group match, the AFC team group stage was eliminated, you can participate biphenylene Cup playoffs, which will greatly enhance the level of competition biphenylene Cup .

      Although AFC has been improved along with the AFC tournament bonuses biphenylene Cup together, but whether it is the quality of the game or the overall lack of economic levels attractive enough AFC Cup, it seems difficult in a short time escape tasteless nature of the event. Moreover, the current biphenylene Cup competition system and the number of participating teams and the AFC exactly the same, how the future due to increased team adjusted are the problem. It means biphenylene Cup group from the current group of 32 teams of 8 to 12 group of 48 teams, while the strength of the gap between Asian Football Federation team too great, biphenylene Cup is likely to be from the playoffs have turned into East and West Asia 8 big League team swept situation.

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    edited October 2016
    Biphenylene ?? Chemistry in Football? C12H8
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    Also, 'ice coverage'? Anyway, great effort, Nagendra
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    I tried to translate these words.....ice coverage, Biphenylene .. but at the end ... I just give-up and copied entire article from translator.... 
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    thats the reason i didn't paste the translator stuff
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    Military buildup in football?!
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