2017 AFC CUP and ACL



  • archakarchak 2075 PointsU23 Olympian
    @ArsenalFan700 ; The expansion of the FIFA World Cup to 48 teams is just to appease China-led faction that includes lower ranked UEFA nations. AFC is just a small fry in comparison to them

    @7negi More to it re.... millions of dollars in question. I doubt even Mr Patel's ascension to Senior VP can stem its tide

  • souravindiasouravindia 1269 PointsU19 International

    Its a shame. Indian clubs have done really well in  recent AFC championships yet they have to play preliminary stage with SA clubs and again battle it out in the play-offs.. All with a team which qualified in the finals in AFC cup.

    and yet we have improved on MA ranking.

    **** with AFC

  • MaddieMaddie ಮೈಸೂರು(Mysuru) / Canada2616 PointsU23 Olympian
    edited December 2016
    Moving BFC into West Zone was totally asshole decision, It is challenge for BFC, I guess BFC can better their record by beating Al-Wehdat(Jordan) in PS 2 and qualify for play off round then face Al-Wahda(UAE)

    Iraq,Syria , lebanon, and Kuwait and Indonesia  will not be participating in the AFC ACL 21017 due Licence and Suspension and no entry.

    Good thing about India in Westzone, they dont have to play PS1(at Kanteerava), then face Sukhothai(Thailand) and Shangai SIPG(China). 
  • shubham_northeasternshubham_northeastern Dimapur,Nagaland1137 Points
    In AFC Champions League,playing in West Zone is better than in East Zone...you can never have better of Korean,Japanese or even A-league clubs...
  • munna219777munna219777 15525 PointsAmateur Footballer
    Once we fail in AFC Champions League Qualifiers and feature in AFC Cup in West Zone, it is difficult to even pass the Group Stage with Arab clubs.
  • indianFootballFanindianFootballFan India3323 PointsU19 International
    In AFC Cup we are in South Asia Zone with teams from Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives. Also, BFC and MB will be in the same group
  • jitug1979jitug1979 395 PointsAmateur Footballer
    I think to improve our quality of football . . . We better start playing in West Asia group 
  • goalkeepargoalkeepar I am best player in the world16106 PointsAmateur Footballer
    and in south Asia zone only 1 team advance to knock out round which mean BFC or MB will be out.
  • shubham_northeasternshubham_northeastern Dimapur,Nagaland1137 Points
    This new AFC Cup rule is shit...zonal playoffs...we have to play Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan or Maldivian clubs...damn AFC!!!
  • MaddieMaddie ಮೈಸೂರು(Mysuru) / Canada2616 PointsU23 Olympian
    We can shit out of the South Asian Clubs .. It is like SAFF Club Championship
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