2018 AFC U-23 Championship - China



  • DXDX 4074 Points
    Would say all three goals would not have been scored if there was a better team playing. 1st goal was poor defending, Second goal should have been passed to a player in a better position. However win is a win.
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  • 7negi7negi India10890 Points
    This is what happens when u just watch Goals and not full match 
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  • ashindiaashindia 9272 Points
    For the second goal it was great turn from Alen which completely caught the Turkmen by surprise. We put a lot of pressure on them and forced to commit mistakes & fouls. 
  • Rav92Rav92 Kolkata1660 Points
    Sarthak Golui is quite impressive today. He defended well and the good thing about him is ,he actually knows how to defend and He is kind of defender who do his job silently without getting hyper. He just needs to increase his physicality.
  • 7negi7negi India10890 Points
    He just needs to get playing time.
  • sanvedjadhavsanvedjadhav 1096 Points
    I wasn't able to catch any of the games. Can someone give ratings to the players and how they performed?

    Going by the comments, it seems it was a shaky starting game against Syria, fighting unlucky game against Qatar and a dominating performance against Turkmenistan. 

    Imo, this team with 2-3 senior players should be sent for SAFF cup, so that they can get more exposure and also FIFA points which we wont get if we sent only an U-23 team. 
  • 7negi7negi India10890 Points
    I have recorded full games, will upload them all when i get time
  • RonnyRonny 10472 Points
    Sarthak's defending was awesome..only slight drawback was that he would go for a clearance when he still has a chance to give to his teammate.sometimes that makes you easily give away possesion
  • RonnyRonny 10472 Points
    overall am glad that SC actually utilized the entire squad and gave everyone good game time and chance to prove themselves..some guys who can eventually step up to senior team with more experience are- Changte, Manvir,Lalruathara,Salaam,maybe Jerry and Daniel(since they are already there)
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