2018 SAFF Suzuki Cup



  • BadBad 4465 Points
    I am not here for the coach,Saff cup etc.

    The reason, why I am here is because many of our u-23 ,u-20 players are playing.These players are the future of our national team because age group teams feed the players for the senior team.Therefore,it is important for me to see and evaluate how these players are performing, irrespective of which International match / Tournament they are playing whether they are playing Saff Tournament or any other Tournament for that matter.

    They are currently playing Saff,so i am talking about Saff.When they'll play in Afc qualification Tournament,then I'll talk about Afc qualification tournament.I don't know what's positive or negative in this tournament.

    Deb_Bandeepak dedhamunna219777spartadeepusudheermylankalteji
  • samsam 14963 Points
    Dominating SL is not a big thing. That's what we want to say. If we are still happy with dominating SL then we should lower our expectations. 
  • mohammed_87hassanmohammed_87hassan Sumeet Passin FC Jupiter9191 Points
    I genuinely lost interest in SAFF after yesterday's game
    Atleast with Afghanistan present it was interesting

    We should have sent arrows to SAFF and played a few friendlies this international break
  • Bang on @mohammed_87hassan

    The only way to improvement is more exposure by way of playing friendlies during Intnl. breaks.

    The intent is what matters, which AIFF certainly lacks.
  • samsam 14963 Points
    U23 is okay, Arrows will be too much arrogance. SAFF also has political and national interest associated with it. 
    Deb_Bandeepak dedhaashindiadeepuspartagoalkeepararchak
  • Deb_BanDeb_Ban 8770 Points
    Could have been the 'reserve' team as well.
  • We are talking as if our calendar is lined up with International Friendlies. We hardly play any of them. Whatever international matches we have played is due to ultra long qualification process of World Cup and Asian Cup qualification. There also we got advantage of low ranking and playoffs which gave us extra matches with Nepal, Laos. Due to ISL and lethargy of AIFF, we hardly play in International Friendlies.

    We should not disparage about SAFF Cup, they are regular opportunities for our national team.

    List of Friendlies other then SAFF, WCQ since 2014
    India vs Bangladesh
    India vs Palestine
    India vs Nepal
    Bhutan vs India
    India vs Puerto Rico
    Cambodia vs India
    India vs Nepal
    Then this tri-nation 
    vs Mauritius  & St. Kitts
    mumbai tournament
    vs Chinese Taipei
    vs New Zealand
    vs Kenya

    Most of the above teams are SAFF type teams only.

    Whatever serious matches we have played is due to Qualifiers, SAFF. Now there are no more of them in 2018, 2019 so we should take best use of every opportunity we get.
    deepak dedhadeepuspartagoalkeeparCarbon_14archak
  • Where are the Friendlies against Saudi Arabia promised to us by joining mighty SWAFF ?? :p
    People were quick to leave SAFF for that.
  • Nepal 4-0 Bhutan

    Chencho & company failed to impress as Bhutan crashes out of SAFF championship. Now it is a 3-cornered fight to get two semifinal slots.
  • At Half Time, Bangladesh 0-0 Pakistan
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