ISL 2022-23: Bye Bye Bio-Bubble, Welcome Back, Fans



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    Yeah he was impressive today. Also Gaurav Bora was physical and put in a solid shift today. He really handled physical players like Krishna and Bruno with ease. He was the second best on pitch. Siva was not confident today but was direct and used his pace well.
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    I must say Northeast have some really impressive foreigners this season..also Parthib Gogoi has something which Sivasakthi does not.. good long ranger
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    Heard the Bangladeshi league has applied to FIFA for VAR.
  • so another season and blunder refreeing by indian refrees continues. i wanted to kick that linesman on his stupid face.
  • since the first game, a controversy has started amongst kerala fans regarding fuck word/intimidating chanting.
    when east bengal team was training the east gallery fans were chanting fuck off east bengal, fuck off suhair etc. this got the attention of some social media influencers who said it is wrong and not our culture. our cultutre is to respect the opponents. this is started by bfc but we should keep our standard etc.

    i think three reasons for those saying about culture
    1) they have been following the gentlemen's game cricket
    2) they haven't followed european football in depth other than watching the matches
    3) they may have been started watching football after 2014

    now even in this forum when bfc entered ISL , the west block blues started such chants which provoked many fans. then i accepted that as a banter. 
  • for the mallus out here posting the video about the culture stuff

  • there is another video by manjappada tv in which they are trying to achive fan activity to maximum

    some key points for non mallus

    • since the begining of fisrt season home matches, there has been a full house crowds in the stadium .
    • this actually looked good initially but slowly it got national attention by media and all then the opposite team started enjoying the crowds and won matches too with the crowd even cheering for them.
    • the official fan group members were trying to organize fans in more meaningful manner. 
    • since east gallery is mostly occupied by hardcore fans, some seating at the back seats starting to abuse those members to sit down, put down the flags and let them see the game in peace while seating.
    • since few years the east gallery was wholely controlled by manjappada members in order to be more organized.they started meetings outside for chants,tifos,banners etc.
    • things actually started better when they started chants against ashique kuruniyan, dhanpal ganeshan who got emottinally down and affected their game.
    • so for each match they are targetting one player who would prove to be weak link and make mistake.
    • it will take atleast 10 yers for the one half of the stadium to be organized as most of the fans are coming from other districts during the matrchdays
    • the away travelling fans of kbfc are easy to manage as only those with money and time go for such matches and happily accept to be part of organized group
    • the basic thing manjappada wants is to create an intimidating atmoshphere in kochi. the opposite team should not praise that the crowd was fantastic .
    • so people should realize that this is not an personal abuse towards players but towards an opponent team and demorale them. this is common culture around the world whether it is england, spain, america etc and should take it as that. 
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    The Penalty which Hyderabad FC got looked very soft.
    It was not even a foul.
    Not every touch to opposition player  means a Penalty
  • munna219777munna219777 28522 Points
    3-3 in 85th minute 
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