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    Comeback kid Mehtab takes nothing for granted

    Mehtab Hossain's comeback is nothing short of phenomenal. Within three months of earning a India call-up after five years, the talismanic East Bengal midfielder has proved his mettle with the national team, picking up the Football Player Association of India and Fans' Player of the Year awards.

    However, the fairytale suffered a blip when the 28-year-old limped out in the opening minutes of the Federation Cup final against Salgaocar on Thursday owing to a recurring groin injury that had given him a wretched time four years ago.

    Mehtab, who was swayed by the confidence earned in a dream season, admitted that the decision to take the field in the final wasn't a very smart one. "It was a big match and I insisted I would play," he said. The gutsy midfielder added that he won't be making such hasty decisions in future.

    However, this incident can't take the sheen out of Mehtab's superb showing in the season. But, he doesn't want to carry the encomiums in his mind. "I got the award in the function and that was it. Out of the ceremony, I'm just another footballer," asserted Mehtab, adding that he won't be satisfied with one good season.

    Did he silence the critics? Well, Mehtab doesn't care what people say. "I've nothing against the coaches who didn't believe I wasn't good enough to fit into their scheme of things. It's about performing on the ground and I blame myself if anything doesn't click."

    Having managed to pull off a sterling comeback, Mehtab realizes the value of being part of a club that is as big as East Bengal. "It is a big advantage. There is no space for a casual approach. I've to strive hard to hold on to my place in the team."
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    He decided to play in Goa next season; He is telling so in a Bengali news channel. Bottom line- playing in Goa will open the door of national team for him. Shame on you Savio!!!
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    Wat abt his trial in spain?
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    We might start to get some news about it in the January break.
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    anyone know what is the actual age of mehtab....some sources say 27 some 31...mostly 27 though
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    preetam wrote: »
    anyone know what is the actual age of mehtab....some sources say 27 some 31...mostly 27 though
    90% of the senior player's in the Indian team have doctored their ages... including your Bhutia's and Chhetri's .
    General rule of thumb is + 2 years or in rhw case of North Eastern player's +4 years. Sushil Kumar Singh is a special case though ... ;)

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    Which means for Sushi Singh its +8 years
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    Does Mehtab Hossain deserves a thread! ?
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