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    Lal Holud Aikya

    On the 19th of May, Lal Holud Aikya shared a post by saying “বড়ো কিছু হতে চলেছে”.
    Since then, we have received enormous number of questions regarding the reason for posting this update.

    Now coming to the main point:-
    We hope all our followers have clearly understood by now that Lal Holud Aikya is a forum which does not work on the principle of spreading fake news and blind rumours unlike some. We have always believed in maintaining authenticity in every update we share and we have proved this by our accuracy of every development we shared on our Facebook page.
    We could have easily shared what we tried to say that day but there are some restrictions we are to abide by as a protocol. We hope you all can understand what we are trying to say.

    On this regard, the news that we are getting from our sources is that “7th June-20th June” is going to be extremely crucial for each and every East Bengal fan.
    All major announcements which includes our participation in the “ISL or I-league” or any announcements regarding our “investor/sponsor” would be made during this period of 13 days.
    We are also expecting some big signings to be announced as well.
    Lal Holud Aikya believes that all the announcements which would be made during this time will be cherishing for every East Bengal fan.

    So we urge everyone to stay away from rumours and hold your breath for a few more days as the best is about to come!
    Keep praying so that we can finally get what we have been eagerly waiting for all these days.
    Save the dates fellas!


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     “7th June-20th June” is going to be extremely crucial for each and every East Bengal fan.
    All major announcements which includes our participation in the “ISL or ileague” or any announcements regarding our “investor/sponsor” would be made during this period of 13 days.
    We are also expecting some big signings to be announced as well.
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    According to this Ei Samay report, former Bengaluru FC football manager Premankur Barua is currently the Chief Executive Officer of East Bengal. Though he has assumed charge in February, the club has not chosen to make it public considering that Quess owns 70 % shares of EB football club.

    After today, these shares would not be in the hands of Quess. They would be officially severing their two-year tie with the club today. The club would start its solitary journey from tomorrow, June 1. Premankur would then officially take over the reins of East Bengal FC. Even in this lockdown, he has started his work in Kolkata.

    The opportunity of playing in this year's ISL is not over for East Bengal. On Saturday, an FSDL official clearly stated, ' EB had requested us to grant them time up to 30 May to come out of the contract with Quess. It is expected that they would now inform us whether have the necessary funds for playing in the ISL. If they have, they would play in this year itself. Of course, they would get some extra time because of the delay in the commencement of the football season.'

    One of the architects of BFC's success, Premankur had left Bengaluru because of personal reasons. After that, he had been working on a football academy in Bengaluru. He had then joined East Bengal after receiving a call from East Bengal official Debabrata Sarkar.
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    Barua? Isn't he the same guy who was at Bharat FC ?
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    Peaceful separation mooted between East Bengal and Quess

    East Bengal and their investor Quess parted ways on Sunday.

    A Quess official maintained that the investor would transfer the football rights to the Maidan giants without “much fuss.”

    “We have no intention to drag it. The rights of the football team would be transferred to East Bengal as early as possible. The two parties are working on it and we are confident there will not be any problem. We will ensure that Quess has no liability on that front,” the official said.

    In July 2018, the Bangalore-based Quess Corp Ltd signed an agreement with East Bengal club, leading to the formation of a new entity named Quess East Bengal FC Pvt. Ltd (QEBFC). It acquired 70 per cent stakes and the rest was retained by the club.

    “There has been a lot of bad press in recent times which was uncalled for. We had applied the force majeure in the last week of April and most of the players have agreed to the termination of contracts. Yes, there are a few players who still have not sent us the mutual termination agreement, but I am confident they would soon,” the official added.

    Three foreigners — midfielder Kassim Aidara (France), defender Johnny Acosta (Costa Rica) and a member of the support staff, Spaniard Carlos Nodar — are still in Calcutta and the Quess official said: “They would leave for their respective destinations within a few days.”

    He added: “We are not leaving anybody in the lurch. Even when the Spanish contingent left in early May, we took care of everything. We even paid the bills of their Amsterdam stay on way to Spain.”

    One Indian player, however, said: “Do you think they would help players if they do not sign the mutual termination agreement? Quess wants everything to go their way or they will not help.”

    Ever since Quess came on board, the relation between East Bengal officials and the investor has been strained.

    East Bengal finished runners-up in the 2018-19 I-League, but their performance dipped in the 2019-2020 season.


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    Lal holud aikya claims that a new investor has been confirmed and only announcement is awaited.
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    Deal done, announcement next week apparently. Let's see. 
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    With so much noise from this fan club, East Bengal should do well to be renamed as Lal Holud Aikya! 
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