Mizoram Premier Leaugue 2015 (MPL 4th Season)

deepakcdeepakc Mumbai 3416 Points
edited August 2015 in Indian Football
The Mizoram Premier League football tournament has been announced for this year. This is perhaps the most professionally run state league after Goa Pro league. I would have really wished that they had taken some forward steps rather than stagnating. either the no. of teams could have been increased to 10 or atleast an effort should have been made to take the league to other parts of the state and truly make it a Pan Mizoram league.

Fans from Mizoram please tell us if there are other grounds in the state capable of holding MPL matches and what has changed this year. It will be exiting. I personally think the Assam guys did a good job of taking the game to the districts in the recently concluded Assam state league.


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