Mizoram Premier Leaugue 2015 (MPL 4th Season)

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The Mizoram Premier League football tournament has been announced for this year. This is perhaps the most professionally run state league after Goa Pro league. I would have really wished that they had taken some forward steps rather than stagnating. either the no. of teams could have been increased to 10 or atleast an effort should have been made to take the league to other parts of the state and truly make it a Pan Mizoram league.

Fans from Mizoram please tell us if there are other grounds in the state capable of holding MPL matches and what has changed this year. It will be exiting. I personally think the Assam guys did a good job of taking the game to the districts in the recently concluded Assam state league.


  • rudrarudra 2749 Points
    it is the second most professionally run league because?
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    @deepakc  , conevniently not including CFL which has the best TV production and highest calibre teams !?

    The foreigners in the CFL and GPL will also play I-League , and some are genuinely worthy...like Yusa, Do-Dong , Bello , Odafa etc.
    MPL has the usual Sunday , Monday , Friday rejects instead

    As for taking the league to the districts...given the travel times ..Aizawl to Champai could take a day ! and the road conditions...it just wouldn't make sense to play games as a pan Mizo League..

    Aizawl just about has 2 decent hotels now....an away team staying outside of the Capital ! forget about it...

    Let things grow organically , everyone is in too much of a rush... even the Premier League had a phase were 90% of the teams were from 3-4 cities ( London , Manchester , Liverpool and NE ) 

    Till then , just enjoy like @ArsenalFan700 does....

  • It is weird that Aizawl only has 2 proper hotels. Mizoram House is there in many Indian cities where not only Government employees but common Mizo people visiting Delhi, Bombay, calcutta stay. Same way Football teams visiting Aizawl should be allowed to stay at Government places like Circuit House.
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    The MPL is not really revered by the Indian football faithful for their professionalism... at least among those who are in the know. Like @gaffertape said, they have a lot of work to do since they are still just a main Aizawl league, the telecasts leave a lot to be desired, I see the nets in the goals not tied down properly, the referees are some of the weirdest I've seen in Indian football, the coaching is inept, and the foreign players are the old fogies who ran the land a decade ago.

    What the MPL is known for though is setting an example that even though they are stuck with the conditions they are, they are making the most of it and packaging it very well. That is it. The GPL and CFL easily outrank it. I have even seen some better performances from the Subroto Cup teams! The one game from the Delhi Senior League, with Delhi United, a few years ago was better than your typical Mizo Premier League game even but perhaps that was just one game.
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    BTW, gaffer, you owe me a jersey!
  • Deb_BanDeb_Ban 9077 Points
    Sorry CPL is not professionally run, though they have a good TV deal with Star Sports and Star is doing a stellar job. League management is shit.
  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13654 Points
    Still better than MPL. Even GPL has many, many problems.
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    @ArsenalFan700...i have your jersey & @Ashlesh jersey.. .

    Your's has Rino and Sunil signature...

    No team...certainly not I-League team would be happy with a circuit house accomodation...and the RITZ in Aizawl is more like the Shitz Hotel !

    The 1 new one is OK...just about passable..
  • Deb_BanDeb_Ban 9077 Points
    About hotel accommodation. This I had apprehended. There would not be gyms or swimming pools as well in Aizawl.
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