2012-13 I-League Round 25



  • BTW What does Nabab think of Kalyani now?
  • SoccerloverSoccerlover 3434 Points
    So a lip smacking and a humdinger of a match awaits today....! What an irony for EB and their supporters - back in 9th Dec., the same club was instrumental in getting Bagan suspended (albeit for a short time); although Bagan could manage to come out b'coz of supposedly a better rapport with powers-that-be in the Federation.... And now it is this same EB Club/its players(remember how elated Mehtab and Soumik were when Odafa was red carded as they were seen clapping!) who are praying for a Bagan win today..... God is great.... This is HIS way of giving a message to all...  :) <div><br></div><div>Had Bagan been at fault on that day, this day wouldn't have come....and EB wouldn't have been actually praying for a Bagan win today. </div>
  • preetampreetam 870 Points
    i'm very happy for jeje...he atleast scored...juz waitin 4 CB match...sunil is in prime form...3 matches for him expectin 3 goals from him..
  • hadfadkarhadfadkar 1236 Points
    United Sikkim
    Starting Lineup: Rakshit Kumar (Goalkeeper), Sandesh Jhingan, Anwar Ali (captain), Munmun T Lugun, Thupden T Bhutia, Sahenshah Ansari, Nima Tamang, Nurudeen Salau, John Landa Matkin, Pablo Rodriquez.

    Substitutes: Pawan Chettri (Goalkeeper), Syed Farid, Nadong Bhutia, Ashish Chettri, Linekar Machado, Sonam Zangpo Bhutia, Raju Debnath.

    Coach: Nathan Hall
    Manager: Arjun Rai
    Doctor: Binoy Upreti
    Physio: Sheril Lepcha.

    Sporting Clube De Goa
    Starting Lineup: Bruno Colaco (goalkeeper), Mathew Gonsalves (captain), Anjel Berlanga, S Rojen Singh, Jovel Martins, Kalu Ogba, Pratesh Shirodkar, Juan Pena, Stephene Barreto, Dawson Fernandes, Joesph Pareira.

    Substitutes: Angelo Gomes (goalkeeper), N Samananda Singh, Joesph Clement, Rovan Pareira, Rowllin Borges, Victorino Fernandes, Seiya Sugishta.

    Coach: Oscar Bruzon
    Manager: S Ekendra Singh
    Physio: Avinandan Chatterjee
    Tech director: Alex Aiueres
  • hadfadkarhadfadkar 1236 Points
    USFC 0-1 SCG (23')
    Dawson Fernandes gives Sporting Clube the lead in the10th minute
  • hadfadkarhadfadkar 1236 Points
    USFC 0-2 SCG (HT')
    Scorer - Pratesh (45+2)
  • JoyptanJoyptan 295 Points
    HT :: USFC 0 - 2 SCG

    SCG - Dawson Fernandes 10′
    , Pratesh Shirodkar 45+2′
  • gaffertapegaffertape 13021 Points
    USFC are mathematically relegated today !<div><br></div><div>Were they the worst team to have ever played in the I-League ?</div><div><br></div>
  • JoyptanJoyptan 295 Points
    Ogba kalu makes it 3-0 for SCG
  • JoyptanJoyptan 295 Points
    FT :: United Sikkim 0 - 3 Sporting Clube de Goa

    SCG - Dawson Fernandes 10′

    , Pratesh Shirodkar 45+2′

    , Ogba Kalu Nnanna 91′
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