2013-14 I-League Round 6



  • United SC down to 10 men. Bello red carded
  • So we have a IMG player on ground. Manish coming on
  • munna219777munna219777 28429 Points
    Pallab Basumalik and Prasenjit Dutta. names of the TV commentators.<br>
  • wekaweka Alabama, United States245 Points
    Really good game. I enjoyed this 0-0 encounter .. good goalkeeping by Mohammedan and chances spurred by home side... they deserve to win.
  • DomnicDomnic 2309 Points
    Nice game. Pleasure to watch. End to end stuff.
  • JoyptanJoyptan 295 Points
    I-league 2013-14 Round 6 stats :-

    Matches - 5

    Win(s) - 4 (Home 3 : 1 Away)

    Draw(s) - 1

    Goals- 15 (Home 10 : 5 Away) (Indian 5 : 10 Foreigners)

    Scorers -

    Indian :- Cliford Miranda (DEM) , Siam Hangal (BFC) , Sabeeth (MB) , Ritesh Perambra (MFC) , Dipak Devrani (SCG)

    Foreigner :- Sean Rooney 2 (BFC) , Katsumi Yusa (MB) , Darryl Duffy (SAL) , Cornell Glen 2 , Taisuke (Both SLFC) , Sandjar Ahmadi (MFC) , Boima Karpeh , Ogba Kalu (Both SCG)

    Clean Sheet - Sporting Club De Goa , United SC , Mohamedan SC
  • JoyptanJoyptan 295 Points
    After this match we have 11 home wins , 11 away wins and 11 draws till now in this I-league.
  • JoyptanJoyptan 295 Points
    @Ashlesh do you know who got the MOM in that match?
  • Ashlesh wrote: »
    was bored so went to see Sporting play<div>Randg United looks clue less team</div><div>no tactics nothing </div><div>team like Sporting must have kept above 60% possession</div><div>i have not seen single shot on goal from Randg United players <br>it could have been worse if Victorino , Dawson and Jerry did not had wasted clear cut opportunities </div>

    <br><div><br></div><div>As per your judgment do you believe the bad result of Rangdajied is because of bad tactics of Santosh Kashyap or is it because the players are not I-League caliber. Also what about the foreigner especially Edmar?</div>
  • dev_pfcdev_pfc Pune1874 Points
    Domnic wrote: »
    If u put BFC crowd in Salt Lake or fatorda, it will look small and sound useless.

    <br>Not entirely true, Entire east stand of BFC stadium is deemed unfit to hold spectators, most of BFC games are going sold out, if east stand opens up, you can easily see crowd of around 15000 to 20k in Bengaluru.<br>they are way better in marketing than PFC( p.s Ihate to say this <br><br>
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