2013-14 I-League Round 6



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    @dev_pfc Without East Stand BFC gets more or less 7K crowd but as per you with East stand the number would jump up to 15-20K. How big is that one stand that it alone can hold almost twice as much crowd than the other 3 stands combined?
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    dev_pfc wrote: »
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    If u put BFC crowd in Salt Lake or fatorda, it will look small and sound useless.

    <br>Not entirely true, Entire east stand of BFC stadium is deemed unfit to hold spectators, most of BFC games are going sold out, if east stand opens up, you can easily see crowd of around 15000 to 20k in Bengaluru.<br>they are way better in marketing than PFC( p.s Ihate to say this <br><br>

    <br><br>I dont think they will open East stand. They will have to demolish it and build it again. The contractor stole Steel and Cement according to one blog. If you allow people, a serious accident may happen. Best policy is to organise games at Sree Kantareeva Stadium which has capacity of 25000 and also floodlights.<br>If IMG organise any of their league games in bangalore, it will be in Sree Kanthareeva stadium.<br>
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    My opinion on Rangdajied United at the moment is that they are no where near close to I-League quality (however that does not take a genius to say that). There players are either unknown and far from I-League quality or are guys who have played in I-League before but who were not regulars or were not big parts of their former teams. (Sandesh and Pratick for example).<div><br></div><div>There foreigners are also weak. Tamba is played out of position plus, Edmar is back in the league after barely playing for 2 years and is also playing with weaker players. Ho Jun Shin looks crap as well.</div><div><br></div><div>Overall I expect them to finish last. This squad is just not good enough for I-League and I doubt they have much funds for new players.</div>
  • AkoiAkoi 2 Points
    Rangdajied United ....loser team and i hate it. Hope LFC doesnt go Rangdajied's way in up coming matches.  
  • RonnyRonny 9880 Points
    how wud you compare Rangdajied United with United sikkim??<br>
  • AkoiAkoi 2 Points
    Agree both United sikkim and rangdajied seems similar...huh
  • rangdajied will get a feel of how football is difficult in top league.
    they are certain to go down this season. looks like santosh's magic wand wont work this team.
  • @akoi: can you give all of us froma neutral perspective. how these clubs are shillong lajong,rangdajied, langsning.
    which is the most supported club in shillong.
    and what does rangdajied means ??
  • AkoiAkoi 2 Points
    @Harry...am really sorry. I am just an emotional supporter of these clubs as being from my region but as am not a khasi or native of Meghalya i do not know the meaning. As for popularity and support, Lajong FC takes the lead as you can see from crowds attendance... :-/
  • @akoi: so from where you are exactly.
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