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    @arsenalfan700 bro i know you are posting this for fun.... but as an old member i am saying just come back to reality.....(not just this thread.... cb n mfc relegation etc). expecting a bit more quality posts from you mate... you know you can do it..... :)
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    @arsenalfan700 bro i know you are posting this for fun.... but as an old member i am saying just come back to reality.....(not just this thread.... cb n mfc relegation etc). expecting a bit more quality posts from you mate... you know you can do it..... :)
    Oh that, haha, thanks mate :)

    I have actually been staying away from that on purpose. First off, I have not see a lot of MB this season but also I know that if I do post I will get into a tangle with someone else and honestly I rather not. I don't know, I may do it but only if I am ready to piss someone off :p
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    just comment on matches that you watched.... i too missed a lot of matches in November and December but talk more about the matches that you watched...
  • Full Name: Fabio Bernardes de Santana
    Nickname: Fabinho Paulista
    Nationality: Brazilian
    Birth: Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo (BRA)
    Date of Birth: 09/04/1980
    Position: striker and center forward left

    Associação Rio Pardense (BRA) 2013
    Ferroviário Athletic club (BRA) 2012
    Atletico Villa Rica (BRA). 2011
    Athletic Club Izabelenze Para (BRA). 2010
    Azam FC (Tanzania). 2009
    T & T Hanoi (Vietnam). 2009
    F.C. Chonburi (thailand). 2008
    Union Barbarense-SP (BRA). 2007
    A.C.Bangu-RJ (BRA). 2006
    Montevideo Wanderers (URU). 2005
    Naútico (BRA). 2004
    Bragantino (BRA). 2003
    Servette (Switzerland). 2002
    Lons R.C. Le Saunier (FRA). 2001/2002
    Barueri-SP (BRA). 2000
    Atletico Sorocaba, Sao Paulo (BRA). 1999
    Barueri-SP (BRA). 1998

    1998 / 2000 / 2001 gremio recreational Barueri 50 games 20 goals.
    1999 Athletic sorocaba 15 games 5 goals.
    2001 RClons le Saunier (France) 30 games 12 goals.
    2002 Servette (Switzerland) 10 games 4 goals.
    2003 CA Bragantino 11 games 5 goals. A. D. Sao Caetano. 10:08 4:03 games
    2005 Montevideo Wanderers (Uruguay) 24 games 10 goals.
    2006 BC. Bangu 8 games 2 goals / Rome pr 6 games 2 goals.
    2007 rn Corinthians 5 1gol games.
    2008 Osasco 4 games 0 goal
    2009 T & T Hanoi (Vietnam) 10 games 3 goals.
    2009/2010 Azam FC (Tanzania) 12 games 5 goals.
    2010 Athletic C. Izabelense 5 games 2 goals.
    2011 Athletic clube vila rica 5 games 4 goals.
    2012 Ferroviário Athletic club 4 games 2 goals.
    2013 Associação Rio Pardense 5 games 1 goal

    Paulista championship junior-gremio recreational Barueri 1998 / 2000
    Paulista championship junior athletic-sorocaba 1999
    SP Cup champion soccer junior-gremio recreational Barueri 2001
    National League of France / French championship D4 RC. Lons le Saunier 2001
    Tournament champion toulosse RC.lons le Saunier (France) 2001
    UEFA and League Cup Swiss-Servette (Switzerland) 2002
    Brazilian championship series B-CA. Braganza
    Northeast-Nautical Cup 2004
    Sao Paulo-Sao Caetano Championship 2004
    Pre-Libertadores tournament and Uruguay-Montevideo Wanderers (Uruguay) 2005
    Carioca Championship Series B-2006 AC.Bangú
    Cup one hundred years of Rome apucarana pr-2006
    Paulista championship series A3-union Barbarense 2007
    1D-Natal Championship Corinthians rn 2007
    Tournament top-T & T Hanoi (Vietnam) 2009
    Championship Tanzanian-Azam FC (Tanzania) 2009
    Para-2D Athletic League club izabelense 2010
    Para-2D Atlhletic League club vila rica 2011
    Ceará-1D Ferroviário Athletic club 2012
    Rgs-2D Associação Rio Pardense 2013

    my videos and CV ok:
    My CV:

    you tube: entrevista fabinho paulista

    salary 3000$ per month
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    This is just one of your random Brazilian/African players. This thread is for guys who have actually played in professional football before. (Yes, I dont believe this guys CV at all).
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    3000 $ !!!! tht is too low...  just wondering with this salary players are available from brazil !!!

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    Just 16 lakas for year and search a good cv wow
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    So, I know some of us dont like these future threads but ya, I cant resist. This one is actually a bit audacious and unrealistic but after we were able to make signings like Critian Lagos, Carlos Hernandez, Simon Colosimo, John Johnson, Riga Mustapha, etc I decided that this guy could be signed... Juan Martin Lucero.

    The 22-year old Argentine midfielder is currently the top scorer in the Argentine 2nd Division with 12 goals in 19 appearences this season. Yes, I know it sounds way to good for the I-League but hear me out... the Argentine leagues are not the best when it comes to how much they pay footballers. We have already proven to be able to pay big for players, when we should not, but none the less it is possible.

    I can see a player like this being good for a club like Bengaluru (new partner for Chhetri + crowd pulling ability), Dempo (need a proven midfielder/forward), Salgaocar (Duffy is not as good as his stats say he is) and East Bengal (bring a real player in, dump old style players like Moga and Chidi).

    Here is a video of all his goals:
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    Also, if not Juan Martin, then we have Juan Pablo Vergara. He currently plays for Peruvian 2nd Division side Alfonso Ugarte Puno FC.
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