2013-14 I-League Round 18: The leaders return.



  • Now chadi also injured now no hope of winning I league
    U expected Chidih to take EB home in the I- League ????   :O
  • Robin heads Bengaluru to a draw

  • Robin started scoring goals.good for national team.
  • 7negi7negi India10890 Points
    that was open header and he miss 3-4 chances in match ...
  • AKBAKB Kolkata3039 Points
    edited February 2014

    The wheel turns full circle.... Vishnu Chouhan was an INCOMPETENT REFEREE on 9th Dec '12 and he still is an INCOMPETENT REFEREE. He spoilt a match on 9th Dec '12 and again he spoilt a match yesterday. Thank God this didn't happen before a passionate crowd. Luckily for Vishnu Chouhan it happened infront of hardly a 2/3 K people.

    Indian Referees either over react or under react. Lalit Thapa's kick boxing was ignored on Friday but Odafa's socalled manhandling of the referee which nobody could see or no camera could record initiated a Red Card, similarly Gurwinder was punished but Tolgay escaped.

    But whatever goes up... comes down. The guys who were rejoicing at Odafa's Red Card on 9th Dec '12 did get a taste of their own medicine. The Indian Referees are a disgrace. They actually make the crowd lose their cool and then it is advertised that in Kolkata there is always a riot on the field if x or y loses. Yes... it is because of the passion of the fans of Mohun Bagan, EB & MSC. It would not happen in case of United SC just as it wouldn't happen with Goa teams, because there is no passion.

    The Officials Kolkata Clubs have got to get out of their sticking to the Chair policy otherwise within a few years United Sikkim may even win I-League or Fed Cup and the Big 2 will fight out the Derby only. 

  • DomnicDomnic 2309 Points
    Enough of your passion bullcrap. Bcoz of it people are jumping and killing themselves. To hell with such kind of foolish passion.

    And in name of passion, you cant have people behaving in a rowdy manner and creating violence. Stop defending these hooligans in name of passion. Few people are spoiling the name of entire state.
  • goalkeepargoalkeepar Turkish occupied Cyprus29264 Points
    The same amount of crowd 2/3k comes for matches in salt lake stadium. Your crowd only have passion for the durby
  • goalkeepargoalkeepar Turkish occupied Cyprus29264 Points
    If 80k people comes for every match I will say passion
  • AKBAKB Kolkata3039 Points

    Yes, I expected this reaction from you Mr.Goalkeeper. don't point your fingers to a particular section of the crowd. Players of one team attacked a Foriegn team players with Corner poles in an IFA Shield Final some 20 years back at YBK (when trailing 0-1) and that Foriegn team refused to continue on security reason and the IFA AWARDED THE SHIELD to that club. No body said at that time that that particular incident tarnished the image of the state. So don't overreact ,keep cool.... another Derby is coming ....you may have a lot of reasons to lose your cool after that match. Till then happy football !!!

  • Agree with @ AKB. You have to be in Kolkata to witness the soccer frenzy crowd - yes do get carried away at times which results in some awkward moment. However, football being such a passionate game the world over - we have incidents of a player biting someone in an EPL match...those are instant reactions and this game is not a reactive game unlike cricket match with adrenalin running down! And for that you surely cannot blame the crowd/region....The other way of looking at things could be that Kolkata people understands football better/more passionate than other places and hence the outburst!

    Coming to Vishnu Joker, he certainly made a mess of the decision...like the way he did in that ill fated MB - EB match. And I remember in this very forum many members (Joyptan for sure) were justifying his decission! And we all saw what happened  yesterday..this fucker now deserves a red card from I - League. 
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