2013-14 I-League Round 18: The leaders return.



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    The other way of looking at things could be that Kolkata people understands football better/more passionate than other places and hence the outburst!

    Its this arrogance of the "Bongs" that really riles people...
    Kerela, Hyderabad ,Bangalore, Chennai all have a history of producing great players and great teams, and used to have great fan following. This has been tapped into recently at the Fed Cup in Manjeri , watched by some very knowledgable and passionate crowds, who cheered for good football .BFC have also managed to attract try football fans as opposed to the union workers who used to fill the stands for ITI/ HAL "derbies"

    Goan football supporters are extremely knowledgable, and if you sit down with some old timers at Duler and chat over a tea at half time, you will get to know this. Just because Fatorda at 3pm doesn't attract fans , it isn't a reflection of Goan football support. Watch how well the GFA games and even inter village games are supported . Crowds get passionate here too.

    I don't think I need to elaborate on the NorthEast as you get my drift...

    Half the "fans" who show up for the derby and unemployed / underemployed dumbf****s who couldn't give a shit about Indian football. There whole week is built up with banter amongst friends of who will win the game, they try to back their mouth up by betting a few rupees that they pieced together, and let all this pent up emotion explode at YBK. 

    Half those "fans" don't pay for the tickets, they just barge in or show some stupid Club Pass ( another relic of Kolkata football)...the game is normally shit quality , and even if a genuine goal is scored, some dickhead Ex-players will analyse it to death on Bengali TV

    Then dust will settle in a few weeks, if Mohun Bagan win...Karim will use this to try to save his arse from the sack..
    If Armando wins he will do the same...
    A draw will suit Colaco as he won the 1st leg on the CFL.

    Fact will remain, neither of these 2 so called "giants" of Indian football will even be in title contention this year ! 
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    Mohun bagan is sure they r out.but eb still r in race..though bfc is favourate..
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    Enough of your passion bullcrap. Bcoz of it people are jumping and killing themselves. To hell with such kind of foolish passion.

    And in name of passion, you cant have people behaving in a rowdy manner and creating violence. Stop defending these hooligans in name of passion. Few people are spoiling the name of entire state.
    Don't live on the 'passion' part. Please make a comment on the red card, that is the topic.

    My God, @gaffertape, so much hatred! Am really pained, such things coming from you!? Wow, what choicest explicits! 'Bongs' do visit this forum, you know.
  • preetampreetam 870 Points
    big Eplosion and evryone feels the heat...is this start f world war?is hitler is back..
  • goalkeepargoalkeepar Turkish occupied Cyprus29267 Points
    Hitlers DNA matches with Amiri he is the next hitler
  • Lol! @gaffer seems to be extremely frustrated! We were discussing Red Card offence n Mr. Vishnu Joker... Expect gaffer to defend/shoot on this! Regarding his "banable" comment ( wud ask some pundit over here, if his comments tantamounts to being a racial slur!), he certainly wud get it back... Not in a position to type more, as am in a meeting! Till then breathe easy..! ;)
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    Hooliganism does not equal passion.
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    @gaffertape's comment has been suitably edited. His comment on a section of fans, not all, has no racial tone, but rather an observation of an outsider. His comments on the Kolkata city was uncalled for and has been edited out.

    We would urge members to post complaints in the suitable thread. We would like you all to spend your time discussing football rather than deliberations over who should be banned and who should not.

    Additionally, we try to give as time we can give in moderation of this forum, but you cannot expect us to remain 24/7 online to check comments.

    Lastly, please keep the thread title in mind, everytime you are commenting on this forum. Cheers!
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    My God, @gaffertape, so much hatred! Am really pained, such things coming from you!? Wow, what choicest explicits! 'Bongs' do visit this forum, you know.
    OMG!!! Mr.Deb_ban, what are you reading. Plz read the first comment that started all this and check how that comment shifted from the red card topic at the start to goan fans having no passion towards the end. There was no reason to mention about somebody else passion.

    @soccerlover. The statement made by you that kolkata fans are more knowledgeable than others is the biggest lol statement. No wonder it got such a response from @gaffer. It is this same arrogance of fans and officials that is hampering kolkata football
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    One last thing... why comments made by gaffertape was suitably edited ? Why the other guy.. I forgot his name was banned ? Be fair Mr. Administrator. If the same person continues to be abusive then he will get it back.

    By the way expect Vishnu Chouhan to officiate in the 2014 World Cup and he will be assisted by Dinesh Nair (remember 2007 Fed Cup SF & 2010 Fed Cup Final ?). I am unable to understand if these Officials ever see EPL or La Liga where the off sides, fouls, time wastage etc. are so appropriately taken care off on most occasions.

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