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  • giridharangiridharan Washington D.C2804 Points
    List of second division clubs so far. Please let me know if this is right

    Ara fc
    Rajasthan utd
    J N k bank
    Bengaluru utd
    Delhi fc
    Kerala utd

    That's a good number of teams 10 so far. Is kickstart or hyderya sports going to participate as well ? 

    It's good to have 12 teams hope they get the support from aiff in a proper calendar and bubble.

  • thebeautifulgamethebeautifulgame Durgapur,India28275 Points
    edited August 2021

    Calcutta Football League 2021: Premier Division-A teams, fixtures and more

    The league will be held in Kolkata between August 17 and September 9.

    After a two-year hiatus caused by COVID-19 and other factors, the Calcutta Football League (CFL) is all set to be back this year. The Indian Football Association (IFA)-organized league is the top football league in West Bengal and the oldest football league in Asia.

    On Sunday, IFA announced the list of fixtures for Calcutta Football League 2021 Premier Division-A. The opening game will be played between defending champions (from 2019) Peerless SC and Kidderpore SC on August 17. The league matches are set to continue till September 6.

    Another interesting fact is that SC East Bengal Foundation are among the teams that will take part in the league. Indian Super League (ISL) side ATK Mohun Bagan FC and I-League outfit Mohammedan SC are also among the participants.

    Calcutta Football League 2021: Premier Division-A Teams

    1. Peerless Sporting Club (Peerless)
    2. Kidderpore Sporting Club (Kidderpore)
    3. Southern Samity
    4. Mohammedan Sporting Club (Mohammedan)
    5. BSS Sporting Club (BSS)
    6. Railway Football Club (Railway)
    7. Aryan Club (Aryan)
    8. Tollygunge Agragami (Tollygunge)
    9. Bhawanipore Club (Bhawanipore)
    10. United Sports Club (United)
    11. Calcutta Customs Club (Calcutta Customs)
    12. George Telegraph SC (George Telegraph)
    13. ATK Mohun Bagan FC (ATKMB)
    14. SC East Bengal Foundation (SCEB)

    Without further ado, take a look at the fixtures of the league below:

    Calcutta Football League 2021: Premier Division-A Fixtures

    • August 17, 2021: Peerless vs Kidderpore
    • August 18, 2021: Southern Samity vs Mohammedan
    • August 18, 2021: BSS vs Railway
    • August 18, 2021: SCEB vs United
    • August 20, 2021: Bhawanipore vs United
    • August 21, 2021: Aryan vs Calcutta Customs
    • August 21, 2021: Tollygunge vs George Telegraph
    • August 22, 2021: Southern Samity vs Railway
    • August 24, 2021: Bhawanipore vs SCEB
    • August 25, 2021: Aryan vs Peerless
    • August 25, 2021: Tollygunge vs Calcutta Customs
    • August 26, 2021: George Telegraph vs Kidderpore
    • August 27, 2021: Bhawanipore vs BSS
    • August 28, 2021: SCEB vs Mohammedan
    • August 29, 2021: ATKMB vs George Telegraph
    • August 30, 2021: Bhawanipore vs Railway
    • August 30, 2021: Southern Samity vs BSS
    • August 31, 2021: SCEB vs United
    • September 1, 2021: ATKMB vs Kidderpore
    • September 2, 2021: Mohammedan vs Railway
    • September 4, 2021: SCEB vs BSS
    • September 4, 2021: Aryan vs Kidderpore
    • September 4, 2021: George Telegraph vs Calcutta Customs
    • September 5, 2021: ATKMB vs Peerless
    • September 6, 2021: Mohammedan vs United


    The venues for hosting Calcutta Football League 2021 Premier Division-A remain undecided at the time of writing.

  • G_KG_K Kerala4914 Points

    The All India Football Federation (AIFF) has started the process of shortlisting teams for the I-League Qualifiers after 18 state associations nominated 29 clubs.

    List of teams:

    Vizag FC (Andhra Pradesh)
    Oil India FC
    Elevenstar FC (Assam)
    Shirsh Bihar United FC (Bihar)
    Indian Heroes FC
    Young Hearts FC (Daman & Diu)
    Delhi FC
    Garhwal FC (Delhi)
    Vasco SC (Goa)
    Gandhinagar FC
    ARA FC (Gujarat)
    Techtro Swades United FC
    Shimla FC (Himachal Pradesh)
    Hyderya Sports FC
    Downtown Hero's FC (Jammu & Kashmir)
    FC Bengaluru United
    Kickstart FC (Karnataka)
    Kerala United FC
    Basco FC (Kerala)
    Madan Maharaj FC (Madhya Pradesh)
    PIFA Sports FC
    Kenkre FC (Maharashtra)
    Ryntih SC (Meghalaya)
    Sports Hostel Odisha (Odisha)
    Zinc FA
    Rajasthan United FC (Rajasthan)
    Amenity SA (Uttarakhand)
    Peerless SC
    Bhawanipore FC (West Bengal)
  • wow. this is just by 18 states.

    regarding Basco FC (Kerala)
    I thought it was Royal Travels FC

    regarding names for me which i don't find sounding good are : Oil India FC, Madan Maharaj FC, Sports Hostel Odisha.
    Also can someone give more insights on Madan Maharaj FC, Peerless SC. I mean which clubs are corporatish and their real business.

    Nevertheless, I am happy to see so many clubs, i guess there would be even more had 1 state 2 clubs rule would not have been there only. Sad that only 10 will make the cut, AIFF should create a 3rd division for the rest.

  • goalkeepargoalkeepar Turkish occupied Cyprus28182 Points
    10 clubs should be
    Vasco SC
    Elevenstar fc 
    Bihar United fc
    Young hearts fc
    Gandhinagar fc
    Swedes United fc
    Fc Bengaluru United
    Madan maharaj fc
    Pifa sfc 
    Rynith sc 
  • athi_bheekaranathi_bheekaran Some where in Singularity1070 Points
    AIFF Should bring Back NFL as third division...!!
  • munna219777munna219777 28245 Points

    How many of these clubs are based in the cities where ISL  Franchise already exists ? That will also be a factor. I dont think AIFF will allow any club from Mumbai

  • G_KG_K Kerala4914 Points
    Mumbai really needs an I-League club based at Cooperage stadium (not Indian Arrows). They can draw decent crowd, compared to the capacity there (traditional fans). Mumbai Football Arena is one of the worst stadium for a spectator.

    Most of the nominated clubs are too amateurish to play national league. AIFF can easily cut it down to 10-12 on sporting merit or licensing criteria.

    Some of state associations conduct their league only in the capital like Karnataka (Bengaluru), West Bengal (Kolkata), Maharashtra (Mumbai), Gujarat (Gandhinagar), TN(Chennai). This is not good for other cities in the state, for example, Mysore, Mangalore, Kolhapur, Pune, Siliguri. State leagues have to expand to whole state, if AIFF is strict on this 'League participation' rule.
  • thebeautifulgamethebeautifulgame Durgapur,India28275 Points

    GFA Goa Pro League from Oct 2

    The Goa Football Association at their executive committee meeting on Thursday, decided to commence the Goa Professional League from October 2, 2020 but in a new format not neglecting the Covid situation in the State.

    “The Goa Professional League will commence from October 2 and in a new format which has been decided by the Goa Football Association executive committee,” stated Churchill Alemao.

    The charity match will be played on September 19 between GPL champions Sporting Clube de Goa and Dempo

     Sports Club..

    Last season, questions were raised on relegation after the standings changed following a series of protests from a couple of teams. However, the committee finally decided to have no relegation for last season citing there wouldn’t be any team to be promoted to the league from the first division league.

    “However, this year, there will be relegation and hence the committee has decided to organise even the first division league so that one team gets promoted from the 1st division league and we can have relegation in the professional league,” stated Alemao.

    The first division league will be held tentatively from November 1 to 30 depending on the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

    The committee has also decided to conduct the GFA U20 Taca Goa league and has also given permission to Goa Police to organise the Police Cup after September 20, 2021. The State association has made it mandatory to provide the vaccination certificate for the players playing in the league. The State futsal league will be played in South Goa and first 16 teams will be considered for the championship. Interested teams should send in their entries by August 18. from-Oct 2/178710

  • so at what venues will the goa league matches be played? since ISL will be held in goa also, i think goa grounds are used more frequently, since last year. will it affect the pitch playing conditions?
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