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    @nikhilbengaluru, which begs the question, why do we have keep licking IMG's white boots and not do something similar in India? A-league is a classic example of a new league developed (with a sound ecosystem, of strong state/regional leagues) with good intentions (for a sport which wasn't even in top 3 in Australia), whereby everyone wins (franchises as well as national team). Anyways, I guess we are having a rhetorical discussion here, #ISL is here to stay and #IMG will remain the only entity doing the unthinkable (making money in Indian football), top officials will also earn good kickbacks for developing shoddy white elephants from the FIFA largesses (U17 WC is just 1 of many to follow) and India will be lucky to get into FIFA top 120 for the next decade (or have I spoiled the surprise for many?).
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    You need to brush up on the A-League mate. The opinions being talked about with the ISL were almost exactly the same about the A-League after their first season... FFA fucking over the traditional clubs that were based on being only for Greeks, Irish, Croatians etc. and going for franchises and money only... sound familiar?
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    @ArsenalFan700 i guess you are missing the point for the sake of having a discussion.....peace.
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    I know your point, I'm just being an arse.
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    AIFF needs to have a clear plan for nurturing Indian Football. Currently there is no proper structure for state leagues and I League. I would like to propose a structure that can go far to help Indian Football.
    AIFF should make it compulsory for all the State Associations to have Leagues. The League can have District/City based clubs, with two or three tiers. Top two teams of these Leagues will play in Zonal Level of I League 2. This way the State Leagues will have a meaning. 
    ILeague2 should be divided into two: Zonal Stage and Main Stage.
    Zonal Stage: India can be divided into East, West, North, South and North East Zone. Top 2 teams from State Leagues will make it to the ILeague2 zonal phase. ILeague2 gets promoted to ILeague and bottom two teams from ILeague gets relegated to ILeague2.
    ILeague clubs can send their reserved team to participate in State League and if they finish on top, subsequent team can play in ILeague2 zonal phase.
    I League2 main division can have 12 teams. 10 Zonal Champions and Runners Up and bottom 2 teams from I League.
    How is this format?
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    @indianFootballFan What you have suggested will require a lot of time and financial support which is not possible given the present state of football right now.

    AIFF is getting majority of its finances from IMG-Reliance led Indian Super League. It will have to listen to what IMG has to say possibly they are going to follow EPL system due to the collaboration between EPL and ISL.

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    ISL will not follow the EPL. The EPL collaboration is not on the league-system but just on how the EPL markets itself and makes itself popular.
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    01.P M. 2ND DIVISION S - LEAGUE 2015
    Aakraman. Vrs. JVC Singtam

    SAI Namchi. Vrs SKM Himalayan SC
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    edited July 2015
    Pictures from yesterday
    S -League 2015


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    Sikkim is another place where we may find another football talent for India. Indian PSUs and corporate sector should take notice of this as per their corporate social responsibility.
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