New coach for Indian Football Team



  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13655 Points
    Just give Derrick Pereira or Armando Colaco a deal till the end of 2015.
  • samiamsamiam 1614 Points
    Why not perfect our indian style then?
  • samiamsamiam 1614 Points
    What better than to create ur own
  • Indian style is not gona effective this time....especially against gulf teams our indian style is not gona be effective...i feel like indian team never faced a real midile east team....last time india played aganst oman c team n result was 5-0 and armandos team beat qatar which was not qatar first eleven n in world cu qualifies against uae which was also not uae first eleven....realize that fact.....real gulf teams atre superior than u all think n indian style is not gona work against them....its like small mullet fish trying to swaloow big blue india defenitly need experianced forign coach...
  • Deb_BanDeb_Ban 9490 Points
    Get Bhowmik or Subrata 'Bigmouth' Bhattacharya (both are good managers, not coaches; Subrata has better match-reading skill -- but those are not the subject now), like hell I care!

    But for pity's sake have a 8-month league, some grassroot rearing by the clubs, and the works! 

    If we have these, I foresee that even these two would have a chance to be nominated for 'Asian coach of the Year' somewhere down the line.
  • ashindiaashindia 8324 Points
    Domestic scene is a big issue, no matter which guy takes over he will have issues picking players. With all these uncertainty WCQ 2018 and ACQ 2019 are going to be disasters. 

    So do we really need a expensive foreign coach ?? Hell no, money should be better spent on U-17 and U-19 Leagues. I-League back as number one ?, ISL taking over ? or both merged together I'm sure everything will be sorted in 3-4 years. 

    For now lets get a local coach who can pick best players and get the best out of the worst.
  • munna219777munna219777 27098 Points
    What will be the structure of World Cup Qualifiers WCQ 2018? Will it be 1 off Home and Away tie with a Gulf country? Will that be a Group? 4 teams in a Group means 3 Home and 3 away.
    And please no more Siliguri games with no TV Telecast. AIFF has no other venue then Siliguri and then no TV Telecast!!!!
  • munna219777munna219777 27098 Points

    second round will have 40 teams which will be divided into 8 groups of 5 teams. India will atleast qualify for 40 teams of Asia. So we will play 4 home and 4 away games from June 2015 to March 2016.
  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13655 Points
    Again, I think the best option is just one of the Indian coaches on a one-year deal with an extension depending on how they do. Don't put Ashley Westwood and Praydum Reddy on the deep end when they have a good thing going at Bengaluru FC.

    We are not going to qualify for the World Cup nor the Asian Cup... not with the current scenario domestically. 
  • archakarchak 2081 Points
    See we might have a chance in the AFC Asian Cup. Remember both have the same qualifications
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