New coach for Indian Football Team



  • DXDX 4074 Points
    my point of view is the current indian national team is fucked.. junk it or save cost by hiring a good ex i-league coach.

    rather than chunking more money on the current set of shite players focus on u-14,u-17 & u-21 squads. focus on grass root development.
    thats our best bet. any new coach of the current full NT should b only used to give his best but primary responsibility and results should be expected from youth team coaches only.
    thats how USA & Portugal did it.
  • mohammed_87hassanmohammed_87hassan Sumeet Passin FC Jupiter9649 Points
    Current players arent shit Wim selected shit players

    Never cared to select Anas Bouthang gabriel antony dsouza etc etc

    Uses Aibor who usually plays as full back as CB

    Keeps.selecting Francis and Robin even though they rarely play well

  • dhritiman7dhritiman7 4029 Points
    It seems the race is between Karim and Trevor. 
  • 7negi7negi India10880 Points
    Chhetri: 'Ideal to have I-League experienced national coach'

    Ashley Westwood for India's job ??

    “I'm not supposed to take names right now. But hiring a coach, foreign or Indian, who is already working with clubs in India, works better. He will take less time to adjust, can handpick the right players and will know the exact formation to play. Having been involved with the I-League will also be an advantage,” opined Chhetri, to The TImes of India, evasive on who he believes should be in contention for the hallowed coach’s position.

    Chhetri extended his opinion to the fact that the new coach must have the ability to pick sides for the upcoming World Cup 2018 qualifiers beginning June next year after a heavy five month I-League schedule, which begins in January owing to the ISL.
  • RonnyRonny 8897 Points
    Seems Chhetri knows an I league coach will be picked..probably Westwood
  • gaffertapegaffertape 13021 Points
    Eelco talking shit again....this isvthe same coach whi "abused" the U23 rules in I-league by starting with a U23 player and then subbung him after 8 mins.

    Had the most expensive team in Indian football and didn't finish top 3

    Got rid of his GK coach...and by all accounts was not an easy person to work with.

    Sent off numerous times and plenty if altercations.

    Just another opinionated Dutch coach
  • dhungel35dhungel35 444 Points
    your comment eased my mind...but I don't want TJM either else players from Blasters..ex TJM pets will fill the NT....hope AIFF makes a smart choice this time around. 
  • gaffertapegaffertape 13021 Points
    Every coach will have his "pets "...TJM would give more caps to those EB favourites. ...Eelco would pick Souvik Chakraborty , Dhana and Rafi...
    Westwood would pick some BFC guys who haven't been capped like Rino Anto types. ..

    KARIM will do the same...Arthur would trust his Dempo/Pailan pets. ..

    All coaches will pick what they know and have trusty player's around to begin with
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