New coach for Indian Football Team



  • So now that we are sure Wim Koevermans is leaving..any names on the list or will AIFF make a temporary arrangement like last time with Savio??
  • ashindiaashindia 9265 Points
    Someone who has coached in India and has AFC Cup exp( India will be playing these AFC Cup nations for next 3 years, coach who has seen, faced clubs from Kuwait, Bahrain, Singapore, Indonesia etc will clearly have an advantage) .

    So for me Armando Colaco and Karim Bencharifa even that Serbian coach of Churchill Brothers would be a ideal choice.  
  • munna219777munna219777 28514 Points
    @ashindia You mean that Zoran Dordevic? He has high temper and he will find it difficult to deal with AIFF. AIFF needs a "Yes" man.
  • ashindiaashindia 9265 Points
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  • After watching the video I think AIFF will find it difficult to deal with him if he is made the coach :P
  • goalkeepargoalkeepar Turkish occupied Cyprus29313 Points
    they James moga will play for India
  • samiamsamiam 1614 Points
    Any school team coach will do who gives lot of pasting and heavy punishment for own goal :D
  • sir armando colaco would be an ideal choice
  • mohammed_87hassanmohammed_87hassan Sumeet Passin FC Jupiter10454 Points
    1. Darrck 2. Bañcherefa 3.wastwood 4.Papas 5.Oscar 6.Toiboi 7. Kalid 8.battcharya 9.kayshap 10.Armando 11.robin dutt 12. Mariano Barreto 13.Carlos Queiroz 14.Mike Petke 15. Andreas Herzog16.Hermann Gerland .17. Valérien Ismaël . 18. Jacky Duguépéroux .19 Frédéric Chassot 20.Urs Meier 21.Michael Skibbe 22 Berti Vogts. this is the rumored shortlist.

    guess which IFN member pisted this on fb

    Bencherifa ???
  • Deb_BanDeb_Ban 9976 Points
    No coach, however qualified or reputed, will be able to raise Indian football. We need a system overhaul, which I don’t see coming in near future with India’s infatuation on ISL and its total neglect of its league and grassroots.
    In my opinion, any one of Colaco, Westwood, Sattorie or even Bruzon is capable of handling the NT (I don’t mind even Subrata Bhattacharya or Bhowmik because they really do not have much of work other than selecting the team – much less enforcing a style, that is a job should be undertaken much earlier), with the grassroots being handled by a team of foreign experts. This team should be responsible for engraving tiki taka or whatever style seems fit for us.
    The league MUST be given its own place. And circuses shown the doors (it is the gravest of times). FIFA dates must be utilized. Age-group teams be sent abroad.
    The list is familiar. Bottom line is, we need not raise the house over hunt for NT coach.
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