Federation Cup 14-15



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    The final fixture stay as follows:

    GROUP A (all matches to be played at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium): Mumbai FC, Royal Wahingdoh, Dempo FC, East Bengal, Sporting Clube de Goa.

    December 28, 2014: Mumbai FC vs Royal Wahingdoh

    December 29, 2014: Dempo vs East Bengal

    December 30, 2014: Mumbai FC vs Sporting Clube de Goa

    December 31, 2014: Royal Wahingdoh vs East Bengal

    January 1, 2015: Dempo SC vs Sporting Clube de Goa

    January 2, 2015: Mumbai FC vs East Bengal

    January 3, 2015: Sporting Clube de Goa vs Royal Wahingdoh

    January 4, 2015: Dempo SC vs Mumbai FC

    January 5, 2015: East Bengal vs Sporting Clube de Goa

    January 6, 2015: Royal Wahingdoh vs Dempo SC

    GROUP B (all matches to be played at Tilak Maidan, Vasco): Bengaluru FC, Salgaocar FC, Pune FC, Shillong Lajong FC, Mohun Bagan.

    December 28, 2014: Bengaluru FC vs Salgaocar SC

    December 29, 2014: Pune FC vs Shillong Lajong FC

    December 30, 2014: Bengaluru FC vs Mohun Bagan

    December 31, 2014: Salgaocar SC vs Shillong Lajong FC

    January 1, 2015: Pune FC vs Mohun Bagan

    January 2, 2015: Bengaluru FC vs Shillong Lajong FC

    January 3, 2015: Mohun Bagan vs Salgaocar SC

    January 4, 2015: Pune FC vs Bengaluru FC

    January 5, 2015: Shillong Lajong FC vs Mohun Bagan

    January 6, 2015: Salgaocar SC vs Pune FC

    Semifinals -- January 8, 2015 (Both matches at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Margao):

    Semifinal 1: Winner Group A vs Runners-up Group B

    Semifinal 2: Winners Group B vs Runners-up Group A

    FINAL – January 10, 2015 (Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium).
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    @gaffertape if Kalyani team cant participate in this years Fed cup... then how come BFC played last season which was their debut season??
    Is it a silly mistake from organisers last season or they missed coz the new team hadnt organised a squad to play in this league?
  • @shankar ; I-League 2014-15 is supposed to start from 17th January 2015. So Baba Kalyani Team will be ready for that but not in December? I remember somebody mentioning use of DSK facilities of Pune by Baba Kalyani team. So they have started to make some progress.
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    Completely disappointed, seems like this is being organized just for the sake of it. Why only 10 teams ???
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    @Munna219777 Which is why I said "Up until now".
  • my mistake as I didnt understand that. But Australian Football is interesting. They have done lot of experiments. They used to have NSL and NSL Cup (League and knock-out) in the past from 1970s to 1996-96. They also used to have Australia Cup knockout tournament in 60s. Now with teams from New Zealand also coming there, its very interesting. Hopefully A-League and FFA cup format will stay and successful.
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    Like how a team from Wellington is allowed to participate. We should let sub continent teams participate.
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    Wellington Phoenix would dominate in the OFC Champions League... let alone the Chatham Cup. Roy Krishna kicked ass in the New Zealand Premiership and is now a part player in the A-League... shows the gulf in class.

    I also hope the FFA Cup becomes a successful format. Really connects the small community clubs with the A-League franchises and I somewhat hope this becomes what happens in India with the ISL or I-League or whatever our first tier will be and then a domestic cup which connects the top tier with the small state league teams.

    And on that note, people also need to love the FFA for the idea of the National Premier Leagues which basically put all the top state leagues under one 2nd division league/tournament. If we could do the same in India that would be fantastic. So much more potential for success in India than in Australia IMO.
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