The second innings of Stephen Constantine



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    Seems like AIFF had asked stephen not to use twitter and blog .. no post from so many days 
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    Not a bad thing to be honest.
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    India don't have any matches right now so aiff is paying him for watching i- league matches if Stephen and savio comes to stadium attendance will increase by 2 don't worry this month Stephen will be seen on every matchday
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    Gawli: Constantine is the best
    The Indian defender welcomes the return of Stephen
    Constantine as India manager while also speaking about
    a U Sports talent programme in collaboration with TSG
    By Brendon Netto
    03-Feb-2015 00:31:00
    Mahesh Gawli is confident that
    the appointment of Stephen
    Constantine as the Indian
    national team manager for the
    second time is the right move.
    Having played under the
    Englishman during his earlier spell from 2002 to 2005, the
    35 year-old defender values the discipline he brought to
    the squad and points out that the team's FIFA ranking
    was much better while he was at the helm.
    "I played under him, he's the best coach. He won trophies
    for India and instilled discipline in the side. The ranking
    was also good while he was there. We need him back," he
    told Goal .
    Gawli also commended Constantine's uncompromising
    style of coaching stating, "He was very tough. He doesn't
    like anyone to play loose football and wants you to do
    everything perfectly, minimizing individual errors. He's a
    good coach and a gentleman," he added.
    Capped 65 times for India, Gawli is currently involved in a
    U Sports talent development programme called U Dream
    for which he is the chief of training.
    The talent hunt is being conducted at the U-15 level
    across over fifty cities in the country and is associated
    with Bundesliga club TSG Hoffenheim. From over 15000
    players representing more than a 1000 schools, 30
    outstanding talents will be selected to fly to Germany for
    a six-year programme.
    "We're going with 30 boys from here and definitely we'll
    see more than 15 play in Europe after a six-year project.
    We're tied up with TSG Hoffenheim because in India the
    grassroot (programme) is very poor. Infrastructure is
    important and we don't have that. I think U Dream is
    doing a great thing for Indian football," Gawli opined.
    The programme is expected to widen the search to
    Under-15 and Under-17 categories in the future with
    collaborations with other Bundesliga clubs due to initiate
    in October this year.
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    "30 outstanding talents will be selected to fly to Germany for
    a six-year programme."

    Well well looks like we finally have a good thing on our hands.
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    TWIST! They are all overaged! Or at least the good ones will be.
  • Lets not go to the overage AGAIN. Let it happen first.. 
    bida 25 archak
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    Steven Constantine to return to UK to renew his passport !! and get his visa !!! :-O

    Are you friction kidding me... why not do all this 1st and then come

    He will miss another few rounds of I-League games....

    He didn't attend the ACL game in Malaysia nor did he watch it online..... he was looking forward to the return leg 

    greta Savio will pick the provisional 50 man squad which once FINAL is all that we can use to pick players for the world cup qualifiers from

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