2014-15 I-League Round 15: Birthday/Weekday Matches All Around!!!!!



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    @Ashlesh What about Fikru fights in Goa in last ISL? Goa as a venue should be banned and also ISL league should be banned for fights.
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    ha ha Have fun
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    Just ppoke toto some players who said Jamil told physio to nick him a bit before bandaging so that if there was blood they would believe him

    As for Amoes : Eric Cantona got a  8 month ban.....lets see what AIFF does now... 
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    btw Amoes was playing for BFC last season.
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    Mohun Bagan missed an opportunity to open up the lead today. so BFC, RW , MB all getting a point. Pune has a chance to take the second spot i guess
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    EB played their best match in months yesterday. Just replace Dika with Ruidas and you have the best stating XI amongst the available squad. 
    goalkeeparbida 25
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    BFC staff threatened me: Amoes

    Amoes, who played for BFC last season, said: “As I was getting ready to come on as a substitute, BFC manager Premankur Barua and assistant coach Pradyum Reddy began to needlessly threaten me. They said, ‘Come outside, we’ll take care of you’. I couldn’t concentrate on the game. This is pure rowdyism.”

    The midfielder added that as he entered the field, a BFC fan hurled abuses at him. “After using foul language, he said that if I was a real man, I should come up to the stands and fight. I am a real man. However, I did not intend to have a physical fight. I was only looking for the guy who made these remarks. There was no fight — this is a false story spread by BFC and its fans,” Amoes told The Hindu on Wednesday.

    The 20-year-old Bengalurean admitted that he “was wrong to enter the stands”, but criticised the crowd. “Many of them did not even know that I am a local boy who played for BFC last season. It hurt to be abused by my home crowd. They have no respect for local players. They have no knowledge of local football. These people are not true footballs fans,” he said.

    Reddy, on his part, dismissed Amoes’s allegations as “ridiculous”. “It's absolutely ridiculous. I’m not a person who speaks to anyone like that. As he was coming on, he showed an obscene gesture to the crowd. I shouted at him. Amoes then turned towards me and put his finger on his lips, indicating that I should shut up. I told him ‘we’ll speak after the game’. I reminded him that we (BFC) were the ones who gave him a chance to play in the I-League, and that he’ll be back to playing in the BDFA division (Karnataka League) next season. That’s all that happened,” he said.

  • MaddieMaddie ಮೈಸೂರು(Mysuru) / Canada2975 Points
    he aint superstar or good player to be remembered!!!. typical behavior as expected !!! Lucky escape for him in the stands without injury... BFC crowd was more educated hence got escaped.. anyway he got nice couple of beatings from police laati .... it be painign for few days ... 

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