2014-15 I-League Round 16: The Round That Already Started



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    Abhijit Mondol Error

  • AKBAKB Kolkata3039 Points
    Referees & Assistant Referees are also human beings. They can make mistakes just like any normal person. But in professional life if you continue to make the same mistakes particularly when you are the adjudicator, then 2 questions come to mind... No.1 are they incompetent ? No.2 are they biased ?
    For argument's sake, I consider them non biased. Then they must be incompetent. If you can't spot a defender pushing an attacker with full blow from 5 m away when the attacker was through inside the box with just goal keeper ahead of him, then you don't deserve to be there. If it happens twice in the same match with the same attacker then you should be suspended. And then after about 60 s of the 2nd incident when the attacker asks you why penalty was not given then you flash the Yellow Card.

    Our football standard is not great everyone knows, but our Referees are most awful. The Assistant Referees think if any one gets a ball in isolation...it is got to be offside. These guys don't understand or know the basic rule that the so called offender's position at the point of release of the ball is most important. Teams suffer for these useless guys, but AIFF don't do anything to improve the standard of the Referees. Now these continuous incompetencies must be remedied...sooner the better. If it is not incompetency...... then it is got to be biasness, then God also can never save Indian football.
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