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  • mohammed_87hassanmohammed_87hassan Sumeet Passin FC Jupiter9743 Points
    Yep with so many leagues functioning it has a very good scope
  • mohammed_87hassanmohammed_87hassan Sumeet Passin FC Jupiter9743 Points
    Management doesn't only mean managing teams 

    It also includes managing venues, Organizing games, scheduling games etc etc
  • athi_bheekaranathi_bheekaran Some where in Singularity1019 Points
    Tamil Nadu Sports University offers MBA in Sports Management. Distant Education too.. I am thinking to do it through distant Education. Abt 9K per year..!!
  • athi_bheekaranathi_bheekaran Some where in Singularity1019 Points
    SMRI an institute in Kochi offers some short term courses.
  • athi_bheekaranathi_bheekaran Some where in Singularity1019 Points
    I am not planning to pursue a sports career but for the sake of interest
  • munna219777munna219777 27418 Points
    edited August 2017
    In IPL type leagues, Event Managers and PR people are running the show. Legacy clubs  will have their own people.

    Sports Federations do not recruit-influential people are already there in various committees and sub-committees.
    Ex-Army people , Businessman accompany Indian teams  as managers from Federation.

    Somebody will need to give some examples of people with Sports Management degrees getting jobs in India.

    Its better scope in becoming a Professional coach then getting a degree in Sports Management.

  • ArsenalFan700ArsenalFan700 Reddit13655 Points
    Someone needs to give an example of them getting a job overall in sports. Most people I know in sports management positions just have basic marketing and business degrees, not a sports one specifically.
  • Deb_BanDeb_Ban 9577 Points
    Unless the structures in all sports get professional, these fancy degrees do not mean anything in India. After struggle for some years, the incumbents will have to shift to selling soap, fairness cream or toilet papers.
  • Anonymous Anonymous India39 Points
    there are lot of jobs in Indian Football but for few positions freshers doesn't have any openings. But the most stable job in Sports Industry is School Sports Companies.
  • thebeautifulgamethebeautifulgame Durgapur,India27305 Points

    Manager - AIFF Baby Leagues

    Date : 2018-04-13  2018-05-20

    Job Category : All India Football Federation

    Job Description:


    1. Create and achieve the target for total number of Baby League projects across India as part of the Strategic Plan.

    2. Initiate, administer and monitor Baby League programmes across all State FAs in India.

    3. Liaise with Development Manager for Baby League Operations across all State FAs under FIFA State Development Initiative.

    4. Obtain and Analysedataof baby leagues for initiating other developmental initiatives.

    5. Liaise with Women’s department for initiating and administering baby leagues for girls.

    6. Liaise with AIFF Grassroots Instructor for planning of Baby League/Grassroots Leaders Courses.

    7. Create detailed job description of Grassroots Leaders for operating in Baby League project
    with AIFF Grassroots Instructors.

    8. Use Baby League application for monitoring and analysing data of Baby League Project.

    9. Financial management of all operations under Baby League Project.

    10. Report to Head of Administration – Technical Department, AIFF.


    Skill set requirements for the position:

    1. Minimal Educational qualification of Master’s degree in management/business administration; (Sports/Football management degrees will be preferred).

    2. Work Experience in Sports administration/management of at least 2 years in India or abroad
    (Football related experience will be preferred).

    3. Must be a team player and have experience in working on Team projects and delivering
    project targets.

    4. Good knowledge of Microsoft Office and other related Software applications on Windows-based systems.

    5. Ability to multi-task and prioritize projects.

    6. Ability to complete complex administrative tasks with minimal supervision.

    7. Should be physically fit to travel domestically in various assignments as and when required.

    8. Should be competent in financial management for project delivery.


    Length of Contract: A Baby League Manager will be offered a contract of 2 years for his/her services. The contract may be renewed based on his/her performances in the period of appointment.


    Remuneration: Remuneration will be discussed during Interviews.


    Application Process: Any candidate intending to apply for the advertised job position must submit
    his/her resumes along with a cover letter addressed to Mr. Kushal Das, General Secretary, AIFF
    stating his/her credentials for the position. Resume and Cover Letters will have to be sent to [email protected]

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