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    @Deb_Ban: Completely agree with you on that point. I had originally thought of 'dust' but my father had suggested that 'powder' would be the exact equivalent of the Bengali word. After going through several dictionaries and google translate, I found that powder is what everyone was suggesting, though I still feel that the word 'dust' conveys the nuances better. As I have already said, I am hardly qualified for the job, I have not done a translation specialization course (provided by universities like EFLU and JU- where I did my PhD). You see, there is a difference between 'translation' and 'transcreation', between 'paraphrase' (word for word translation) and 'metaphrase' ( say in other words). One needs to be well-versed in these aspects before attempting a translation. My job is to make the members aware of the transfer situation in the 80s and the 90s and make them acquainted with Nandi's works. Thanks for the comments.
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    Hmmm ... I think I will go with 'powder' than 'dust'. Cheers!
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    Posting the third part of section 2 in the next post. I intended to finish the whole section today but things got delayed. I will post the last part tommorrow
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    'But Jatri was written in his blood,’ Malabika could not believe her ears. Ghunu did not pay any attention to her. ‘I asked him, how much more they were paying him. He said, twenty five thousand. I told him to come back; we would pay him thirty thousand more than that. He said that he could not escape because Bata’s boys were guarding the door. Then I went running to Dulal’s house. After laying down all the facts before his wife, Madhuchhanda, I said that her husband would stand to lose thirty thousand rupees if he signed for Sarathi. I told her that she was the one who could rescue him from Sarathi’s den.’

    ‘Did she agree’? Bhattacharya was now on the edge of his seat. Everyone in the room was curious.

    Madhuchhanda picked up her eight months old son in her lap and told me, ‘Take me to where is now staying. Is thirty thousand rupees a joke?  Is this the way to turn down favours that come your way? Just because he plays football with his foot he thinks of playing around with money?’ Ghunu words were a perfect intonation of Madhuchhanda.

    ‘Did you take her there?’ an anxious Malabika questioned.

    ‘Of course. That was the plan. I boarded a taxi and went to Bata Biswas’s flat at Behala. After Madhuchhanda had stepped out, I told her that I was waiting. “You have to bring Dulal here. Remember that if you fail, you will lose thirty thousand.” She was stepping down from the car when she paused, ‘Shall I?  Change the thirty into thirty five.’

    ‘What a girl! What a time to bargain, right while stepping down from the taxi.’

    ‘Did you agree to her demand?’ G.C. Dutta seemed troubled, gulping nervously.

    ‘Did I have any other option? I said I would give her thirty five if she could bring Dulal out of that house.’

    ‘But the boys were guarding the door,’ Saroj reminded him.

    ‘What boys?’ Ghunu Mitra produced a snuff box from his pocket. ‘Those had all been cooked up by Dulal. Well, I started waiting in the taxi. Ten minutes, fifteen minutes, half an hour elapsed. Not a soul could be seen coming out of the house. What was happening, I wondered. Were they intent on kidnapping Madhuchhanda also?’ Taking a pinch of snuff from the box, Ghunu paused. ‘Then I saw Madhuchhanda coming out of the house, all smiles, along with Dulal,’ he put some snuff into his nose and wiped his hands.

    ‘Successful! So Madhuchhanda did succeed!’ an elated Bhattacharya was almost on the verge of clapping when Malabika sneezed loudly.

    “Oh! I am sorry,’ Ghunu apologized.

    ‘Taking snuff is a very bad habit,’ Rekha Gupta ventured to opine. For the first time, Ghunu Mitra seemed cornered. He was not so much bothered for making a lady sneeze than by the fact that he had caused something to displease Rekha Gupta. His main motive for coming here was to get into her good books. Ghunu had received the information that in order to trap Samiran Gupta he needed to ensnare his aunt first. If the aunt gave her consent there was no way that her nephew would disagree with her.

    ‘I will cease taking snuff immediately. You are right; it’s a very bad habit.’ He took the snuff-box and extended it towards Shyamala. ‘Please throw the box outside immediately.’

    There was confusion in the room. All the four ‘beggars’ protested in unison.  Shyamala restrained her hand. Rekha Gupta was visibly upset.

    ‘Why not? I will immediately….her words, her respect; I will definitely follow her instruction.’ Ghunu rose from his chair and almost ran towards the window. ‘Wretched snuff, get out of here. I will never put you in my nose for the rest of my life.’

    ‘I did not ask you to throw it,’ there was a note of remorse in Rekha Gupta’s voice. Ghunu could distinctly feel it. What was the value of a mere snuff box? But his job was three-fourths done.

    ‘Huh, what was I talking about?’ Ghunu looked at the others as if he had woken up from a nap.

    ‘Madhuchhanda came out of Bata Biswas’s flat, along with Dulal and the child on her lap,’ Bhattacharya came up with the cue.

    ‘Ah yes, they came out and boarded the taxi. The taxi began to move towards their home. Can you guess what a beaming Madhuchhanda told me?’ Ghunu stared at them, round-eyed.

    ‘I have rescued Dulal from Bata Biswas’s clutches,’ Saroj said.

    ‘I have saved Dulal from the noose of Sarathi’s money,’ G.C. Dutta ventured to say.

    ‘Remember that you have promised to give thirty five thousand extra to us,’ Malabika was absolutely confident.

    Bhattacharya shook his head, indicating that he did not want to say anything.

    ‘I had not noticed that a golden necklace was hanging on Madhuchhanda’s neck.  Dangling it in her hands, she said, “Bata-da is so good, he is such a nice person. Look at this necklace; it must be very expensive. He told his wife, your sister has come to meet you for the first time, won’t you give her a present? Then he took off the necklace from her neck and tied it on my neck, saying only a beautiful girl like you deserve it. Oh! Bata-da is so good. No, no, Dulal will stay at Sarathi, I don’t want the extra thirty five thousand.” Now, what have you to say?’ Ghunu shifted his gaze towards the window pane.

    It was Shyamala who first started laughing. Then all the others except Ghunu followed suit.






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    Posting the fourth part of Section 2. Sorry things are getting delayed. The last part I will definitely post tomorrow morning.
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    ‘But what about the advance and powder that Dulal had taken?’ G.C. Dutta reminded him.

    ‘After the taxi had reached their home and Madhuchhanda had departed, Dulal said to me pleadingly, ‘Ghunu-da, please do not involve me in any family trouble.  I will return the advance but the powder has been spent. But do not worry; I will not cheat you of it. I will come back to Jatri next year, and then you can adjust it.’

    ‘What, even before signing for Sarathi he could tell that he would be switching clubs next year. What is this!’ Saroj was at a loss for words.

    ‘Dulal is one of the few footballers in Kolkata who knows how to play. He has been shuttling between Sarathi and Jatri for the last eleven years. He has aged and he cannot play for the entire seventy minutes as before.  Even then, experience counts for something. It helps a lot. He has represented India a lot of times, he is respected and the supporters want reputed players,’ Ghunu Mitra did not reveal more.

    ‘So Dulal Chakraborty is coming to Jatri this year,’ Malabika declared. Ghunu reclined his head, smilingly.

    ‘But why have you come to meet Naku at such an early hour?’ Rekha Gupta did not hesitate to come to the point.

    ‘You must have realized by now. I have come here to request Naku to play for Jatri this year,’ Ghunu pleaded, with folded hands.

    ‘Err…,’G.C. Dutta stood up with the newspaper in his hand, his eyes glued to the watch. ‘Time for me to send my grandson to school.’

      The three others also rose from their chairs. It was not fitting that outsiders be privy to conversations regarding transfers and money. Of course, they knew very well that they would get all the details duly next morning.

    The phone suddenly rang from one of the inner rooms. Shyamala ran and picked up the receiver.

    ‘Hello, Mala?’

    “Dada? Where are you calling from?’

     ‘From the Howrah station, the train was more or less on time. What is Aunty doing?’

    ‘There’s a man named Ghunu Mitra who has come calling on you, he is sitting in the dining room.’

    ‘Good God, he has come to our house? Even at Bangalore, there was someone called Mahadev Samui who had come to visit me…Who is he talking to?’

    ‘He will now start talking to Aunty. The ‘beggars’ were here till now.’

    ‘Call Aunty quickly, I want to talk to her. See to it that Ghunu-da does not come to know that I am calling.’

    Shyamala came to the ding room and said, ‘Aunty, you have a call. One of your student’s mother wants to talk to you.’

    Rekha Gupta came and quickly picked up the receiver, ‘Hello, you…’

    ‘Aunty, I am Naku. Why has that man come?’

    ‘It seems that he wants you to play for his club.’

    ‘Do not commit anything; you tell him that you speak to Naku.’

    ‘OK, I shall do so. Shall I arrange for your lunch?’

    ‘No, it is not necessary. I won’t be heading homewards now. I will have lunch somewhere, then go home at night. I will now pay a visit to Dulal-da, that is, Dulal Chakraborty’s office. Ghunu-da is sure to be lurking somewhere nearby. I will not go home till evening.’

    ‘What will I tell him now?’

    ‘Just say, talk with Naku, I do not interfere in Naku’s football-related affairs. Bye.’

    Rekha Gupta put down the receiver with an anxious face. She came and sat down before Ghunu Mitra.

    ‘Any bad news?’

    ‘Yes, someone has tried to kidnap one of my students. Her mother is so frightened that she wants her daughter to stay at my house,’ Rekha Gupta shifted uneasily in her chair. She was unused to telling lies with a straight face.

    ‘How dangerous! Have they informed the police? What is the girl’s age? Surely they must be rich people,’ an excited Ghunu raised himself by a foot from the stool before sitting down again.

    ‘Yes, they have contacted the police. But what can the police do? They have instructed the parents not to let the girl leave the house. An eight year old girl, isn’t it tortuous for her to remain confined to the house the whole day? I think I would better bring her here.’

    ‘But she could as easily be kidnapped here’, Ghunu warned her.

    ‘From my house!’ Rekha Gupta was amazed at Ghunu Mitra’s ignorance. ‘I am here, Mala is here, then there are my friends who were here just now, the people of Netajinagar and Shahid Colony—let the kidnappers dare to do it. I might as well kidnap them in this house.’

    ‘But how will you get hold of them? They will come in a car, tie the girl’s face and will be off in a jiffy….haven’t you seen in TV serials how children are kidnapped?’

    ‘Yes, I have seen that. Then I will also…’Rekha Gupta suddenly bent down and clutched the collar of Rekha Gupta’s bush shirt. Ghunu was forced to rise. ‘So, you have come here to kidnap? Kidnapping, eh? I will show you’. Raising him by the collar and shaking him as one would do while plucking plums from a tree, she continued, ‘You think you will earn money by kidnapping?’

    ‘I...I am not a kidnapper. Oh, oh, it’s hurting me, please leave me,’ the blood had rushed to his face; the eyes had almost popped out of the sockets by a millimeter.

    Rekha Gupta shamefacedly let go of his collar. ‘I was excited…. Sorry, sorry. Please forgive me’, she folded her hands apologetically.

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    Well played rekha Gupta :smiley: 
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    Very interesting read :D 
    I guess there is a typo. 'clutched the collar of Ghunu..' it would be
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    Yes, thanks for pointing it out. Cheers!
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    Posting the last part of Section 2. The third section is very long and I will need at least one week to post it. Personally, it is my favourite part of the story. Meanwhile, do try to read this one and feel free to comment on it.
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