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    I went to BFC v SLFC game at Sree Kanteerava on 14th feb 2015 and it had numbered seating. Though they abandoned it in last season.
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    What became the world’s fourth biggest football league with its very first game season in 2014, the Indian Super league (ISL) is back this year with an opening day that received 31.6 million TV viewers in India. This number is close competition to the most recent season of Pro Kabaddi League which saw an opening of 34.4 million viewers.
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    Total attendance of all 3 seasons reaching 10 lakhs for Kochi.  392886 in 2014  , 364054 in 2015 and  237174 in 2016(5 matches).
    The second part is the attendance details of all venues kochi,Guwahati,Chennai,Goa,Delhi,Kolkatha,Pune and Mumbai in order.
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    ISL 2016: AIFF Fines Atletico De Kolkata Rs 7 lakh for 'Misconduct'

    Press Trust of India | Dec 18, 2016 10:29 IST| UPDATED: Dec 18, 2016 10:29 IST
    Image credit Indian Super League

    Image credit: Indian Super League.

    Kochi: The All India Football Federation (AIFF) disciplinary committee fined Atletico de Kolkata Rs 7 lakh in two separate incidents of "team misconduct" under the AIFF Disciplinary Code Article 53A and 53B during their ISL semi-final match against Mumbai City FC earlier this week.

    Additionally, AIFF Disciplinary Committee has found Atletico de Kolkata player Juan Carlos Rodriquez Belencoso guilty of misconduct against opponents.

    Juan Belencoso has been suspended for 2 matches and fined Rs 3 lakh under Article 49 of AIFF Disciplinary Code. The amount needs to be deposited with AIFF within 10 days.

    AIFF Disciplinary Committee is currently reviewing the charges against Mumbai City FC.

  • Anyone else thinks Sereno should be retained next season?. For me he has been brilliant. Specially in the final
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    yes.  It will sound harsh, but, Gallardo injury was a blessing in disguise for ATK. 
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    Perhaps as a consequence of the IFN revelations by @lokeshchandaindia
    Or a combination of poor results & nexus to agents, Sukhi is " sacked " as FC Goa

    Looks like ISL owners are keen to weed out the agent infiltration of ISL that has distorted the finances.

    PLAYERS agency / former agents are directly or very closely involved in the running of 6 out of the 8 ISL franchises.

    FC Goa: Sukhi  ( former Libero, Robin Singh & Raju Gaikwad were his signings at Libero when they played for East Bengal )

    Mumbai City FC : Watson ( Get Pro ; the agency that BETO started, nrought most of the Brazilian players and coaches along with Brazilian agent MARCELO) 

    FC Pune City : Renedy Singh ( Football Edge)

    Delhi Dynamos: Prashant Agarwal ( Kshatriya Sports)

    NeUFC: Ardeshir Jeejebhoy  ( Libero) , this club prior to this was driven by Simon Festinesi & Bruno Satin ( agents used by IMG-R in season 1 for foreigners in the draft )

    Kerala Blasters: Ishfaq ( Football Edge) & Baljit Rihal ( with all the British player's)

    Chennaiyans & ATK have no real nexus ....and unsurprisingly have been the more successful clubs in the ISL to date 
    munna219777goalkeeparnamewtheld[Deleted User]kartik91
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    @Gaffertape Chennaiyan is worse then any club this season. there kit manager signed most the Indians. @Lokeshchandindia can explain it better.
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    I know about Pratham, 

    And also why AiFF fired a former Academy department employee who is now trying to be an Agent.

    But the scale of what is happening at Chennaiyans and ATK is minimal...and thats to be expected in Clubs everywhere....

    The rest are clear conflict of interests..

  • In news not surprising to many that FC Goa CEO has been sacked. The main reasons being that the ISL management(not FC Goa) did not want him as CEO. FC Goa are on the look out for a new CEO, but word has it that the ISL management would have the final say on the CEO. Just a matter of time before Casino Owner Mody realises Mrs Ambani's gamble is paying off and the house is losing.
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