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    Flan Gomes is a 19 year old forward promoted from the reserve team.

    FC Goa promoted 6 players from the reserve team:
    Dylan D'Silva, Leander D'Cunha, Sarineo Fernandes, Nestor Dias, Aaren D'Silva & Flan Gomes.
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    Isnt Devendra their academy prospect making debut as well ? He is the only high rated prospect from reserves right? 
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    @Ronny Flan is the same player who once got best striker award in Barcelona u14 tournament in Spain where he beat Spanish kids to win that award.

    @giridharan Devendra is not from fc goa b, he is from Salgaocar fc where he became top scorer of GPL last season, they signed him by paying transfer fee, he is an replacement for Liston.
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    FC Goa bought Devendra Murgaokar from Salgaocar in this offseason.

    Can't really call these players academy products as all of them moved to FC Goa 2-3 years back from other Goan clubs.

    Out of these, Leander D'Cunha is a backup for Seriton. Sanson (another new arrival from GPL) & Saviour Gama will cover left-back position. Devendra is a replacement to Manvir/Liston. Princeton may get increased gametime this season.
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    And as for the rest, Nestor is a CM , Dylan is the 4th goalkeeper and Aaren D'Silva is there to give competition to Ishan and Devendra in the striker department
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    Goalkeepers: Mohammad Nawaz, Naveen Kumar Shubham Dhas, Dylan D'Silva.

    Defenders: Sanson Pereira, Seriton Fernandes, Leander D'Cunha, Iván González (Spain), Mohamed Ali, James Donachie (Australia) Sarineo Fernandes, Aibanbha Dohling, Saviour Gama.

    Midfielders: Lenny Rodrigues, Nestor Dias, Edu Bedia (Spain), Princeton Rebello, Alberto Noguera (Spain),Brando Fernandes Phrangki Buam, Redeem Tlang, Makan Winkle Chothe, Alexander Romario Jesuraj, Jorge Ortiz (Spain), Flan Gomes, Seiminlen Doungel.

    Forwards: Igor Angulo (Spain), Aaren D'Silva, Devendra Murgaonkar, Ishan Pandita
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    Edu Bedia and Lenny Rodrigues named as Captain as Vice-Captain respectively for the 20-21 season. (By players vote)

    Seriton Fernandes and Ivan Gonzalez are 3rd and 4th choice
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    Video Footage of the preseason practice match between FC Goa and CFC. 

  • Is there any official news on Red Bull 🐂 buying stakes in FC Goa. Seeing some stuffs across some groups.
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    News will be out tomorrow noon. There won't be any buying of stakes. It's a technical partnership and not a takeover as FC Goa owners arent willing to give up the club's identity

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