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    FC Goa announces Strategic Partnership with RB Leipzig

    FC Goa is delighted to announce that the Club has forged a three-year strategic partnership with Bundesliga giants RB Leipzig that will help garner opportunities both in the football and business spheres for the two clubs.

    RB Leipzig has been one of the rising forces in German football in recent times ever since their formation in 2009. The club worked its way up the league structure and within a period of 7 years, secured promotion to the Bundesliga by 2016. A season later, in 2017/18 the Club ensured a place in the UEFA Champions League. The 2019/20 season again saw them create history, reaching the semi-finals of the premier European competition.

    FC Goa and RB Leipzig will conduct nationwide Soccer Camps in India to make football more accessible

    With a vision to grow the beautiful game, the coming together of two of the biggest names in India and Germany presents an opportunity to exchange ideas and make footballing knowledge more easily accessible. The primary focus of the partnership will be Youth Development.

    During this period of collaboration, coaches from RB Leipzig’s Academy will be welcomed to Goan shores to impart knowledge via workshops. FC Goa will also be sending coaches and players from the club’s youth set-up for further training and learning the intricacies of the game at RB Leipzig’s Youth Academy.

    The Gaurs and The Red Bulls will work in tandem not only to help each other to grow internationally, but also for the development of football in India. The partnership will see both clubs launch a nationwide Soccer Camp programme. The FC Goa National Soccer Camps, both online and offline, supported by RB Leipzig will make superior footballing skills & knowledge accessible to all football enthusiasts across India.

    FC Goa President & co-owner, Akshay Tandon, said, “I am delighted to have RB Leipzig as our partners. They have shown the world of football how to build from the ground up and that’s something we resonate with. It is our first international partnership and in RB Leipzig, we have the perfect partner.

    “Partnerships such as these validate our long-term vision that we have at the Club. Our goal is to develop Indian footballers for the world stage and this partnership helps us create a visible pathway for all young aspiring footballers in India. We have a long way to go, but these steps help build a strong foundation for the future. This is a partnership that gives me even more belief in the direction we are headed. “

    Speaking on the partnership RB Leipzig CEO, Oliver Mintzlaff said, “We look forward to our partnership with FC Goa. The club, with its young, modern and innovative approach suits us perfectly. We want to break new ground with RB Leipzig and now we look to take our first steps internationally.

    “The discussions with those responsible at FC Goa were very open, convincing and effective from the start. The emerging Indian market is therefore an absolutely suitable starting point for our future endeavours. And last but not least, such a partnership offers the opportunity to present the Bundesliga in the best possible way and to act as an ambassador.”


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    Dear FC Goa fans all over India,

    You know, months ago when I was in Barcelona in talks with the club and amazed to have the opportunity to join the team as head coach, I was told by some people I was a foolish. “Are you going more than 7,000 km away to a league not so known here and with all the pandemic situation? Are you sure football is appreciated there and of quality?”. These were some of their thoughts, and I chose well when I decided to judge myself to get to know the full story. Today I can say with knowledgeable opinion they were wrong.

    I am experiencing myself being a football coach in India, in the best team here. I have a great staff and I am coaching the best group of players possible, always willing to help others and fighting in any circumstance. I have felt (from a distance) the warm support of hundreds of first-class fans appreciating good performances and backing the team whatever happens.

    And what also happens sometimes is a reaction out of the blue, like mine yesterday. The word reaction comes from re-action meaning “action in response to something happening earlier”. That’s it. I am not writing you to counteract any statement from anyone, this is not my style. I just wanted to highlight that in football, and also in life, one needs to know the full story before jumping to conclusions.

    I am far away from home to train my boys, to help them improve professionally, to enjoy football with all of you guys; and, whenever there is free time and are allowed to leave the bubble, we are willing to discover all the wonders of this country. And this is all we are about in FC Goa. There is no time to waste and there is no other place I would like to be right now.

    Thanks all for wearing Orange, for all your Chants in front of the TV, for being at our side and always respectful. Thanks all for doing UZZO in the same direction!

    YOU are FC Goa and the last word is still to be said.

    Juan Ferrando

    Proud FC Goa Head Coach - #ForcaGoa

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    Juan Ferrando finding his smile in Goa

    "I'm very serious about my job. Maybe it’s important to smile, so that they understand. These things are important because in the end, the team is like a family. The emotions are what connects the team. "Out of the pitch I smile, I make jokes. On the pitch, I'm (moves his hands across his face to a stoic expression) serious. Because you are thinking about what can happen in the next five, 10 or 20 minutes," he says.

    It's a trait he picked up from Marcelo Bielsa, the Leeds United coach, widely lauded as one of the great minds in world football.

    "Bielsa takes lots of notes (during the game)," Ferrando says, showing writing motions with his hands.

    "It's impossible to read really," he smiles. "But he is studying, looking forward, this can happen in five minutes or that five minutes later."

    Ferrando doesn't take notes, but the influence is easy enough to see. 

    "Lot of (it is) mechanical decisions. Bielsa knows football is a show, players are actors. It's important to put on a show."  

    It's easy to see why Ferrando is so trusting of the youngsters. He put together a profile which is an amalgamation of his influences. His education in football has seen to that. The belief in team above all else and playing with freedom. Words like mentality, ambition, routine are a constant in his lexicon. They call Wenger the professor. Ferrando is a teacher. 

    Prior to coming to India, the 40-year-old read up about Goa and the country. The history, culture, everyday life of people. “Football is one language. In Israel, Japan or India. One ball, tactics and enjoy the game. But football has to connect with people. (For that) you need to change with the culture. Only then is your job complete inside the dressing room," he says. Like with his quip about the smile, Ferrando also had to understand his players. Bielsa, he says, explained football through examples from life. He too had to find a way.

    "When I came to Goa, it was necessary to change. In Europe, you come to training, do some exercise, watch the video and then go for training. Here it is necessary to put the video, explain why it is important to do the drill. It's not a problem, I had to adjust so that the players understand and learn to read the game. It's also why we are able to change players and put in youngsters without losing tactical discipline because they understand (what we are trying to do). 

    Romario is in the team and then we put Chothe or Redeem (Tlang), it's not a problem in terms of the plan. Of course, Redeem has more dribbling and Romario fights for the second balls better (traits change). More or less everyone is at the same level in the team. Coach is like a teacher here. Elsewhere it is not so." 


    "Everyone thought Goa would lose 4-0, 5-0 in Asia. But if everyone works as a team, you have a chance. If there is a good plan, we can try," he says.

    "In Asia, the challenge was to be focused for 90 minutes. In ISL, sometimes the players are not ready after a throw in, or freekick or water break because the intensity is slower. In Asia, one detail and if you are not ready to do your job, it's an opportunity for the opponent," he says. 

    "Whether you are in Greece and getting promoted or in Moldova trying to get into the group stage, the thought is always to improve. We need to improve a lot. I don't think this is the maximum level, we can get better. The club is at 14 percent (of its potential)," says Ferrando.

    "Bagan and Mumbai are on another level. But Goa is the best for me. Good players, good team, people who work in the club and the best supporters. It's a dream to win the league. This is my obsession," he says. In a career that he feared lost after the eye infection, this is his second wind. FC Goa was at the right place at the right time for him.  He's found his smile again.


    Some great insights about Juan Ferrando. Hope FC Goa ties him down with a longer contract
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    Too much heroic dramatization and should apply to each coach who chooses to come to India. However I do respect this guy now. He insists on a philosophy and has stuck to it, which is impressive! Hopefully next season we will see more of Redeem, Chote and the other youngsters as well
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    Got some stats of FC Goa's Muhammed Nemil who is currently on loan at Spanish club FE Grama. 

    He plays for FE Grama U19, which plays in 2nd tier of Spanish youth leagues (first tier has about 112 teams, while second has about 336-378 teams). His first appearance was on 09/01/21 and since then played 10 matches for the team. He scored his first goal on April and followed it with a hat-trick the next week. This gave him a call-up to the senior team which plays in fourth tier and he came on as a late substitute in the match.

    Youth team: 10 matches, 4 goal
    Senior team: 1 match, 0 goal

    His loan ends this season, but I hope he continues in Spain. It will be criminal if he is brought back and made to warm the bench.
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  • Passi said:
    Disappointed that he wasn't allowed to continue after all. But I hope this decision turns out to be a positive one for him.
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    I mean atmost he was going to get chances at their fifth division. So if he gets regular chances here it's not a bad deal 
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