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    They are assistant managers , under their masters apprentice will evolve a lot more than without a master  :*
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    Check out Meulensteens record , fired from everywhere he had worked.
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    An inexperienced Marco won Isl .
    Average Molina won the cup .

    In team sports lot of things matter .
    A person must be able to see what lies underneath the underneath .
    Him getting sacked is just a tip of the iceberg so not enough to judge him .
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    Emiliano Alfaro sets sights on playoff berth with Pune FC

    Although the club has never reached the semifinals of Indian Super League, finishing 6th, 7th and 6th in the last three seasons, Alfaro believes Pune City has what it takes to make it to the playoffs this year.

    Pune City FC's new foreign import Emiliano Alfaro is looking forward to the extended fourth edition of the Indian Super League (ISL). After topping the scoring charts at North East United last season – five goals in 13 appearances – Alfaro is hoping to propel the Maharashtra based club into its first ever ISL playoffs.

    In a telephone interview with Sportstar, Alfaro claims that he was impressed with the culture and the people of India in his maiden sojourn which prompted him to return to the ever-growing Indian football league.

    So when deciding to come back, Pune City's new head coach Antonio Lopez Habas made the crucial call which helped the 29-year-old make an easy decision. "First of all the coach called me and said he wanted me. That’s very important for the confidence of the player," said Alfaro.

    Although the club has never reached the semifinals in its three seasons finishing 6th, 7th and 6th in the eight-team competition, Alfaro believes Pune City has what it takes to make it to the playoffs this year. 

    "I cannot guarantee that we will (reach the playoffs) but I can guarantee to give our best to reach (that goal). To think about only the semifinals (playoffs) is too fast. We have to start building the team, with pre-season and fight from the beginning," said the former Napoli striker.

    The ISL has expanded into a ten team league for the forthcoming season with Bengaluru FC and a Jamshedpur based team added to the fold. Traveling in India can be a logistical nightmare for these ISL footballers with long flights and bus journeys from one end of the country to another.

    But Alfaro is not too bothered about the travel exertions in store. "For any kind of work we have to travel. Sometimes it is a problem because of traffic in India. But that is part of the ISL and you cannot be frustrated with the situation. This year we have more time in the league to travel and relax in the place that you play," said Alfaro.

    The ISL has proposed weekend affairs over a five-month period to do away with the schedule of matches being played every three days. This means Alfaro, who played for UAE side Al-Fujairah during the off-season, will not be able to put his name in the ring for the winter transfer window.

    "Maybe for other players they might feel, "I lose a window of opportunity". But it wasn't too difficult for me. For me if you agree to a contract then you agree to the conditions of the duration of the league," he said.

    With the domestic players draft set for July 23, teams are on the offensive to fill their two domestic player slots and an uncapped U-21 player slot. Alfaro hopes the management will make the right choices during the draft which can help the side achieve its goal. “It is the responsibility of the coach and the team (management) to make the side competitive and I trust them to do that,” he said.

    There were several young Indian talents who caught the eyes of the one-time Uruguayan international in his only season at North East. “Rowlin Borges, the number 5 for North East, was impressive. And of course Subrata Paul, he is not young but was one of the important players for NEU."

    "Holicharan (Narzary) was a very good player and he can play wherever he wants. Also Seityasen (Singh). I was impressed with the level of Indian players,” added the 29-year-old footballer.

    Alfaro hopes his North East experience would help him add more goals in ISL to make this year special for everybody at Pune City FC.

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    What kind of players he was managing ?
    What kind of teams he went against ?
    What was the condition of club when he joined ?
    What kind of club authority was he under ?
    Did he have freedom to get players ?

    etc etc etc 
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    Pune FC  :#
    Play off  :o

    Enough to skip the article 
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    ISL before and now would be different
    It was 2 months league then now it's 5 months

    I see BFC dominate now

  • Ashkaul5Ashkaul5 Jammu849 Points
    Too early .
    BFC looks solid but the kind of rumours that surrounds FC Pune city , they look like the team to watch .
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    @mohammed_87hassan My point was not about justifying not having Indian coaches in ISL. What i meant that the comparison of no. of foreign & Indian coaches in top div does not prove anything..
     I also strongly believe that it is ridiculous to have permission from FSDL to appoint coaches.The existing clubs are just too much pussies. Only if MB & EB join ISL this can change. I cannot imagine someone forcing them to change their coach because they are Indian.

    Only good side of this FSDL control is that atleast you have a former failed Aston Villa English coach. Otherwise you would have had a failed EB English coach.
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    I would be very happy if I-league teams recruit Indian coaches in the unified league.
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