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    A 37 year old Spanish oldie would be much better and fitter than a 25 years old (30 year old in real) Indian footballer who'd return overweight and would be require atleast 3-5 games after season commences to get match fit.

    Valaskis,Coro, Schembri, Ogbeche,Krishna, Williams are all over 30 and yet are extremely fit and agile compared to Indians. Except 3 or 4 all top performers in ISL are over 30 years old and I see no problems in signing them if they are performing so we'll 
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    27 year old Spanish will be even fitter and better then 37 year old Spanish.
    The result of playing with 37 year olds is seen in recent performance of National Team and AFC Cup.
  • mohammed_87hassanmohammed_87hassan Sumeet Passin FC Jupiter10325 Points
    I don't think foreigners have anything to do with NT performances. We have a terrible set of players and the coach's tactics were bad and doesnt suit the kind of players we have. Also it's pretty hard to get a 27 year old player from Abroad because they still hope to make it bigger in their own countries compared to having a 30+ year old who'd be more interested in coming in
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    @mohammed_87hassan ; ISL has to change the format for indian player's to thrive. Strictly it should 3 + 1 rule. 

    With that said if the signings are limited ot 4 with existing wage bucket of ISL they can very well attract quality signings in age group which will make our players better. You need better players to make our players better you of all know that.
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    Miku on Bengaluru FC return - 'The doors are always open'

    Former Bengaluru FC striker Nicolas Fedor, popularly known as Miku, has refused to rule out the possibility of a return to the Indian Super League (ISL) club. 

    During an online Instagram live chat with the Bengaluru FC supporters' group West Block Blues, the Venezuelan forward was asked if there is a possibility of the player returning to India. He replied, “The doors are open (for a return to Bengaluru FC). I finished here in Cyprus. We have the chance to play UEFA Champions League (UCL) and this is a great challenge for me. But now the champions of ISL (league stage winners) can play in the AFC Champions League (ACL). This is also a big challenge for me. You never know what will happen.

    “It’s nice to be in one place when the fans love you. But this is not my decision. At the moment I have nothing. We are looking for what is best for me. But the doors are always open.”

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    By the time season commences, Miku will be 35. He hasn't scored lately, at best he can be a one season signing, used judiciously by the coach. 
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    @EastBengalPride ; For his wages ?? No thank you unless he is taking a massive cut. He was on 400000$ a year in BFC
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    He would have to agree to a 100,000 USD pay cut to get an ISL club. 
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