FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 & AFC Asian Cup 2023 Qualification



  • good expereince for the neighbours. waiting for bangladesh results as they are undergone a chnage in team.
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    Very easy Draw.

    Agent Stimac is a very lucky guy.

    We have successully evaded Middle eastern and Central asian team.

    Cambodia, HongKong  are easiest teams from South East Asia, East Asia and Afghans are newbies of Central Asia.

    Afghanistan may not even turn up.

    indian_goonerCarbon_14deepak dedhagiridharan
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    from here its is for india to loose. this is literally being food served in a plate rather than standing in a long queue and waiting.
    if india doesn't make it then its definitely over for Stimac. no bloody excuse will be entertained like we played well, the team is young, ISL level is easy, it is a learning for future, we played possession based tiki taka etc. we need to win all 3 games as there is no return fixtures.
    "We lost this time because the opponents were too easy for us; we got complacent and ultimately conceded the match to our opponents!!"--Stimac

    "Surprise King" ka naya excuse!! B) o:)

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    02 Sep 1964
    W0-4Merdeka Tournament
    29 Jul 1967
    L 1-3 AFC Asian Cup
    17 Aug 2007
    W 6-0 Nehru Cup
    22 Mar 2017
    W2-3International Friendly

    All Time record of India against Cambodia

    Sunil Chhetri scored 2 Goals that day in 2007 Nehru Cup at Ambedkar Stadium, Delhi and 1 Goal in 2017 game.

    Sandesh Jhingan also scored in that 2017 match at Phnom Penh

  • thebeautifulgamethebeautifulgame Durgapur,India28540 Points


    Ground for excuses begins!

    Only "hope" is the 'Cheering [of] fans from the stands' :| ;)
  • Jhinghan looks to have forgotten how to play. Bad omen for India, cause he was the most consistent performer. Hope he recovers with some playing time, but the way he is performing looks like he will have a difficult time getting into starting 11 at atkmb
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    He has forgotten to play after not playing for 2 years 
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    The 2007 Cambodian team was very weak and they recently beat Afghanistan 1-0 in the world cup qualifiers..HK also has new naturalized Brazilians which is why they did pretty well in the qualifiers again Iran Iraq kind of teams
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    All of the current Hong Kong NT players play in their local league, naturalized brazilians in their team have also spent last 10 years of their careers in the same league. Stimac is already trying to create atmosphere for excuses in case of failure.
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    Hong Kong are in pretty bad shape. Their players have hardly played any league matches over the past 2 years due to stringent health and safety measures imposed by their government.
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