FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 & AFC Asian Cup 2023 Qualification



  • If we worry about these teams and give excuses then "Lets only play football"
  • NagendraNagendra Rajahmundry, A.P5845 Points
    If we fail to qualify for Asian Cup with an easy group (Hong Kong, Afghanistan & Cambodia), then only GOD can save Indian Football.

    To be precise, I will stop following Indian National Team.
  • G_KG_K Kerala4990 Points
    Stimac has already started with his excuses. "ATKMB and MCFC contribute majority of NT players and that will hamper the preparations"

    Not the exact words, but kind of similar.
  • giridharangiridharan Washington D.C2886 Points
    We don't have to be co*** but atleast we should show confidence and say its relatively easy group and we respect the opponents and will play to win. What is he doing ? He is playing countries with no league and he is making excuses ? Not every national team coach gets 2 weeks before every game. Get over it Stimac. Our players are match-fit now, they are playing at home. We have not gotten this lucky in a long time. Hope this joker wins these games :(
    NagendrashibierThe real AGmunna219777indian_gooner
  • G_KG_K Kerala4990 Points
    Japan beat Australia 2-0 in a crucial match today. With that Japan and Saudi Arabia qualified for World Cup. Iran and South Korea already qualified.

    Australia now have to go through a Playoff match against an Asian team and the winner will play another playoff match against a South American team. 
  • BoalhaBoalha Maldives1106 Points
    I watched that match, Australia were so bad. It was like watching men vs overgrown boys. They will get slaughtered at the World Cup if they miraculously manage to get through the playoffs.
  • goalkeepargoalkeepar Turkish occupied Cyprus28376 Points
    ISL style football league has killed Australian football
  • giridharangiridharan Washington D.C2886 Points
    They also had 2-3 three players with lineage from europe and playing in europe top 5 leagues. Now that number is less and even those who are there are not performing well. 

    A-League itself does not have better players than J-League. 
  • G_KG_K Kerala4990 Points
    Advantage Iraq.
    Iraq defeated UAE by a solitary goal tonight. Even though UAE is a point ahead, they have to face South Korea in the final match, while Iraq faces Syria. If Iraq wins and UAE loses, Iraq will go through to playoff against Australia. 
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