Indian Super League 2020-21: New Expectations, New Challenges



  • NagendraNagendra Rajahmundry, A.P5625 Points
    Amrinder Singh did a good job to keep scoreline 0-0 . FC Goa played well and both the substitute goalkeepers done pretty well in penality shoot-out.
  • RonnyRonny 9408 Points
    Goa was the better team throughout but just could not convert their chances! Mumbai is a very boring team to watch right now
  • thebeautifulgamethebeautifulgame Durgapur,India27952 Points
    Ishan Pandita was impressive, he seems to have a calm head on his shoulders...coolly slotted home the penalty and almost scored a goal in regulation time when his diving header was just about parried away by Amrinder 

    Good that Stimac has given him a chance. Let's see how he performs for the NT; a tougher test awaits him there.
  • G_KG_K Kerala4847 Points
    Ishan's runs were good. Always full of energy. He pressed both Fall and Hernan effectively who were undisturbed in the 1st half. Also his runs took one of them away and opened up spaces inside the box. Romario's chance was because of a situation like that. But Amrinder was in top form tonight.
    thebeautifulgameashindiadeepak dedhaSiVindian_goonerkartik91
  • G_KG_K Kerala4847 Points
    If a keeper can be substituted after full-time, then what stops coaches from bringing in strikers for bad penalty takers. 

    If the referees missed the rule today, all of them should be given severe punishment. Even local tournament referees follow that rule. Has the rule changed?
  • Carbon_14Carbon_14 Bengaluru 4767 Points
    In a World Cup 2014 quarterfinal Netherlands subbed their keeper and Tim Krool came against Mexico ( I guess) and did well.
    if you have unused substitute, you can you them. Even for striker if you want
  • G_KG_K Kerala4847 Points
    Tim Krul came as a substitute before full-time, like Naveen came on today.
    goalkeepardeepak dedha
  • deepak dedhadeepak dedha Ghar2648 Points
    FC Goa lost the game because of Donachie. Had he connected that header or scored that penalty, FC goa would have won the game. 
  • dhritiman7dhritiman7 4029 Points
    Ishan as well as Vikrampratap shown some good movement yesterday. He always tried to turn towards goal and do something positive. He needs to work on his body, he was easily shrugged off. 
    Playing 120 mins plus penalty not an easy task considering the bio bubble. Tremendous commitment by all of them. 

  • dhritiman7dhritiman7 4029 Points
    What I understood about Amrinder sub, if GK declares himself unfit to play then officials can allow another GK. Not pretty sure though. 
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