Indian Super League 2020-21: New Expectations, New Challenges



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    Probably the most fun ISL game I've seen. This guy Paul from Odisha is special. He impressed earlier against MB by hitting the woodwork from 40 yards and today he scored 2 long range goals. Little Jerry scored from a good header and an awesome volley. Jeje also got a goal finally. Overall 6 goals by 4 different Mizo players!
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    Subrata paul looked disinterested after a while when he conceded goals :D
  • Suhair, Pandita, Manvir giving us some hope.  Sunil can be a mentor for them. Also I dont think Jeje is 27 btw. 
    I could not see full length matches but from highlights it seems our players are technically improved now a days. Jerry from Odisha was bringing down overhead ball easily with a single touch. Good to see some positive football. 
    I absolutely agreed with Hasan's view on Habas. But it seems he is competing with his own records and pressure in ATK will be far less than pressure in ATKMB. He is playing it safe. 
    Inman got his time on the pitch. Eagerly waiting for Abhilash Pal's time. I have seen him in person. A tall well built GK with lot of promises. But in next matches he is not going to get a chance as it is knockout for MB until Arindam gets injured. 
    Also it seems Steven Dias has gained few pounds. Wish he did it in 2011 :) 
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    FT FC Goa 0-0 Hyderabad FC

    Goa through to play-offs...gotta feel sorry for Hyderabad FC!
  • Feeling sad for hyderabad , they deserves to be in the semis but sometimes it's not your day....but this whole season their youngsters entertained us indian fans a lot and also we get some talented players from them which is better for indian football......

    Now I Hope Northeast United will win the title and that will be a slap for all those who don't believe indian coaches... 

  • May be an unpopular opinion but Indians are responsible for not having faith on Indian things. Be it Indian coaches or any product or service created by Indians including me. 
    I feel so comfortable with Six5Six shirt compared to Nike shirt (Indian national team kit) but still I go to Nike showroom to buy my own stuffs.

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    Two goals from setpieces.. Jesus Tato, the spaniard who played under habas in fcpunecity is Mcfc's set piece as well as asst coach.. 

    Fall was well inside and moved very fast to head it.. Both ogbeche & Fall have been contributing with set pieces effectively this season.. Would like some indian  players of MCFC to get involved as well in the set pieces.. 

    Amey Ranawade has been impressive .. 
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