CONMEBOL Copa America 2021: Champions of South America



  • indian_goonerindian_gooner 2450 Points
    He made a wise choice leaving Arsenal. But I feel he waited so long.

    actually he should have been made 1st choice over bernd leno then.

  • thebeautifulgamethebeautifulgame Durgapur,India25895 Points
    Argentina lifts Copa America by beating Brazil 1-0

  • Yes finally after 28 years of reaching so many finals.. Hope the finals jinx will be broken now!! 
  • dhritiman7dhritiman7 4028 Points
    The interesting thing is the formation shift by Scoloni in Copa. He started with 4-2-3-1, won most of the group matches with Pappu Gomez scoring and cutting inside from left flank. Two holding midfielders (Pardes and Guido Rodrigez) and Lautaro Martinez as a lone striker, Messi was everywhere with Pappu Gomez in left flank and Di Maria / De Paul / Corea playing in right flank. Aguero came occasionally replacing Lautaro. Up until Bolivia match they looked like this - 

                                                                           Emi Martinez 

    Molina / Montiel  (RB)                    Romero                        Pezella                            Acuna (LB)

                                                             Pardes / Palacios  (DM)             Rodrigez (DM)

    Di Maria                                                                 Messi                                        A Gomez 
                                                                                  Aguero / Martinez 

    Thought this was perfect. As huge space left open by Messi behind him needs to be covered by at least two holding midfielders.They got exploited by attacking teams utilizing this space during counter once Messi lost ball. I was happy to see Otamendi dropped. Argentina never looked exposed and they scored goals and won matches. Though result came against relatively weak opponents but I thought at last Scoloni found the right combination. 

    Then suddenly shifted with 4-3-2-1 or 4-3-3- with Lo Celco - Pardes - De Paul instead of two defensive midfielder since quarter final. They looked like this in knock out stage - 
                                                                                   Emi Martinez 

    Molina / Montiel  (RB)                    Pezella                          Otamendi                           Acuna (LB)

    De Paul                                                           Pardes                                                     Lo Celso 

    Messi                                                              Martinez                                                    Nico Gonzalez 

    It almost similar formation tried by earlier coaches after Sabella. They looked exposed but hanged on somehow. They looked sharp during attack but Pardes looked lonely during counter and had to drop down near his own box. I was totally surprised by inclusion of Nico Gonzalez as Gomez was playing well and scoring too. Nico was weakest link during knock out stages. 
    Again in the final Scoloni changed his formation and went on to play a flat 4 -4 -2 with Messi and Lautaro as forward and Di Maria replacing Nico. 

    So this takes a lot of guts to do so while media and fans waiting to eat you alive. Take a bow Scoloni. 

    However, they did not hang on to this 4-4-2 formation till the end of final, replaced all attacking players with defenders in the end and own the trophy. Last time Argentina own something was Beijing Olympic. Banega or Gago picked Di Maria and he scooped over Nigeria GK in almost similar fashion. 

    Lastly, I found uncanny similarity between Messi and Sachin Tendulkar in finals. They both are masters and undoubtedly in different level. But could not control their nerves in finals. How on earth Messi missed that sitter during dying moment? 
    However he deserves this title. Carried the team all alone with an average squad and inspired a whole nation and a generation of football fans. 
  • spartasparta Jamshedpur FC2046 Points
    Brazil winning it frequently is not a news 😂😂
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